Friday, July 01, 2005

And So It Begins

O'Connor Retires From Supreme Court

I honestly don't think that people, even my fellow right-wing bloggers, realize what this is going to turn into.

This is going to turn into O.J., Michael Jackson, Laci Peterson and Aruba combined and raised to the Nth power.

The phrase "Borked" will be transformed into the name of whomever is Bush's nominee.

It won't matter who the nominee is, or what their views are. If they're anything to the Right of Karl Marx there is going to be a confirmation hearing that will never end and will demonize the nominee as worse than Satan himself.

(Oddly enough, "Anarchy in the U.K." just came on)

We need to find a way around the MSM. Bush needs to go on TV weekly to refute the charges of "Naziism" that will undoubtedly be spewed against this candidate.

Whomever the candidate turns out to be, you, yes you, need to refute the attacks and tell your friends, relatives and pets to e-mail their Senators and do the same.

This is going to be the ugliest thing you've ever seen. I promise you that.

What needs to be done is pointing out the endless obstructionism of the Demorat party.


  1. This is why the deal they cut to stop the previous filibuster was such a bad idea. No matter who Bush picks, they are going to call it an "extreme circumstance" and start another filibuster.

    They should have went with the nuclear option. It really bugs me that when Republicans have control, they don't throw their weight around nearly as well as the Dems do when then have control.

  2. I probably won't post myself on this. But at first, I thought O'Connor was one that would be contested, but not extremely. Same thing for Rehnquist, who is likely next. I thought the Dumbocrats would save the battle royal for replacing Stevens, who's been a pretty reliable leftist vote. Whoops! It's time to let Ben Nelson know that Tom Osborne would make a pretty spiffy senator and let the other Dems in the Gang of 14 that their lives will be hell if they don't invoke cloture should the Dumbos try a filibuster. Happy Independence Day, Exile and friends!