Friday, July 29, 2005

Can IQ's be Negative?

Awhile ago I posted on the ridiculous assumption that the Left somehow thinks that they are the intelligentsia, while we on the right are all nothing more than hicks and trailer-trash. Although they also, somehow, believe that we're all rich. We're apparently wealthy people who prefer to live in trailers and drive rusty pickup trucks. Odd. But the Left mastered doublethink long ago.

Lately I've been checking out the Lefty blogs. Not because I believe their points have any validity, but because insane people have always fascinated me. And these people are definitely insane.

And they are also, definitely, stupid.

The people who write the blogs are usually almost literate, but the comments on these blogs are an amazing display of illiteracy.

These people write at about the same level that I did when I was six years old. Capital letters are, apparently, optional; punctuation is random and the spelling is atrocious. Run-on sentences are the norm and, if there's a point, you really have to work to figure it out.

The extent of their imagination is, "Conservatives are Nazis!" and "Bush is stupid". They do nothing but repeat what everyone else says. I always get an image of one monkey in the cage starting to shriek and 50 more joining in until they're all going at it. Monkey-see-monkey-do. And they call Bush a chimp!

The "right-wing" blogs that I read are usually written by well-spoken people who, like myself, don't always get it right, but make the effort and usually do get the English language right. The comments are the same (unless they're from the Left, and then...see above).

The "right-wing" blogs analyze things and actually find new points to be made, while the Lefties do nothing but repeat what you've already heard a thousand times ("Karl Rove should be fired". Wow. That's deep.).

Coincidentally, The American Princess has posted some of her hate-mail over at her blog. Go on over to get a sample of what I'm speaking of.

The Left thinks that, because they have a couple thousand college professors, they are the intellectual elite. The truth is that the vast, vast majority of those on the Left are lazy, unthinking morons.

After all, if they can't be bothered to even try to get their writing right, what makes anyone think that they'd put any more effort into actually understanding the issues?

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  1. This is a point I have been making since 1981. Well, actually, since at least 1977. The Socialist/Marxist left has been attempting to place themselves as the intellectual superiors of all human history. Their primary tactic in this has been to scream loudly how stupid everyone else is. They never make a legitimate argument on any issue, only screech&scream how EVERYONE else is a bigot,homophobe,sexist,redneck,anglo-centric loser. Very effective tactic when no one is paying attention. Sadly for them we, the People, are paying attention now.