Saturday, July 09, 2005

More of the Same

The Left likes to crow about their "individualism" as opposed to the supposed "gray" world of the Right where everyone's the same.

Apparently all that it takes to be an individual in their world is to dress differently or have something pierced or tattooed. And, after a few years, they all do it and look the same anyway.

Individualism on the left is, like the rest of their philosophy, very shallow. It doesn't go beyond their clothing or tattoos.

The tattoos of these people symbolize what I'm trying to say very well: they, like beauty, are only skin deep. But they think that their tattoos make them individuals.

Sure, I could doodle some silly design and have it tattooed on my back, but that wouldn't make me much of an individual if I thought the same thing as all the rest of the Right and never disagreed with anything my side said or did.

On the Right, we don't care how you dress or whether or not you have any cool tattoos. To be an individual is to think. To look deeper into issues than what we get from the MSM or even talk-radio or our fellow bloggers.

We don't dress funny and parrot the party line and call that "individualism".

Occasionally I tune in to Air Unamerican just to see what the enemy is up to. There has been derision from the Right lately about their low ratings and attempts to figure out why those ratings are so low. Well, I can tell you exactly why Air Unamerican has no ratings: It's boring!

As I was driving into work yesterday I tuned in to Nick Coleman's local show on their network (He's also a columnist for the Red Star Tribunal who has been in a flame war with bloggers for the past year. The Star Tribune isn't biased, but one of their lead columnists has a show on Air Unamerican? Hmm).

This guy did nothing but repeat the Left's talking points over and over. I, literally, couldn't pay attention to it. My mind kept wandering, begging me to process something that it hadn't heard a million times before.

The only time that it caught my attention at all is when he compared Fred Barnes, of the Weekly Standard and Fox News, to the Nazis. And that only caught my attention because he pronounced it "nahzee" (kind of rhymes with "pansy"). It's a German word, but this dope didn't even know enough to use the German pronunciation of the letter "Z", which would sound like "tz" to us (as in, well, "Nazi").

99% of the people in this country pronounce the word as "notzee" (which is correct in German), but not Nick Coleman because he needs to be "quirky". It just screams like a 6-year-old, "Pay attention to me!!!"

But that's what the Left means when they speak of individualism.

Al Franken's show is the same: an endless repetition of the Left's talking points. In fact, if Franken was prohibited from using the phrase, "The war in Iraq is a distraction from the real war on terror", he wouldn't have a show. Not that he has much of one anyway.

The left's idea of individualism is nothing more than Rush's old phrase, "symbolism over substance". Doing something out of the ordinary makes you an "individual" (although they all do the same thing, eventually), but thinking or believing something other than what they're told to think is unheard of.

This post just expands on the one I put up a couple of days ago. It's all about "groupthink" and their herd mentality.

They are sheep, but they are vicious sheep.

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