Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sums It Up

John Leo was talking about Hollywood in this piece, but it sums up the "entitled to power" mentality of the entire Left, doesn't it?

Hollywood has grown eye-poppingly angry with the rest of the country, mostly over Bush and Iraq, but partly, at least, because the left-coasters apparently thought they were somehow entitled to a string of Democratic presidents after Clinton.

Somehow, because they had convinced themselves that Clinton was such a "great" President, they thought that they deserved, nay, were entitled to another.

Could somebody please remind me what Clinton did to earn the title, "great"? Class? Anyone?

For the life of me, I can't remember one thing that he did that in any way helped this country.

But that "entitled to power" thing led me to another thought: does anyone believe that if it hadn't been George W. Bush, but another Republican who had beaten AlGore in 2000, that he wouldn't be putting up with the same demonization that president Bush is now?

It's just like Bush's Supreme Court nominee. It didn't matter who it was, the Left will attack him or her with all of it's might.

It didn't take NARAL 10 minutes to begin opposing Judge Roberts as SCOTUS nominee once his name was out there. They had their opposition papers all written up with a bunch of blank lines to fill in whatever nominee's name was announced. It didn't matter who it was. If they didn't show up for the announcement with a vacuum cleaner and a coat-hanger, they were too far right.

That's what it comes down to: these people believe that it is their Right under natural law to rule us peons. They are no different than the Nobles of Olde England who thought that it was their divine right to rule with no opposition. You know, the ones that we fought The Revolution to get away from. The fact that we actually have the temerity to oppose them enrages them to the point of insanity.

"A rit of fealous jage", as Inspector Clouseau once said. And it took an Englishman to actually make the French funny in that role.


  1. Clinton's years were punctuated by titillating sexcapades. The left seems really obsessed with sex. Like, really obsessed. It's like they think they discovered something that no one else knows about. Clinton brought sex to the White House. Where ordinary people thought that was both icky and disgraceful, they thought it was modern and cool.

  2. Sex is very cool. It is also very private. The Clintons didn't bring sex to the White House; they just publicized it so they would look cool. The Carolyn Parrishes!

  3. Don't you know? If we get our way, we'll be oppressing women, sending the kids to the salt mines and reinstituting slavery. How did you miss that? Oh, wait, just peons...I forgot.

    Sex is cool--as long as its in the context of a great relationship, and not with Bill Clinton, because then you'll end up with Syphillis.

    And Exile, don't write things like that and take the high road! A**hole.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Too much time spent looking at that link.