Saturday, July 23, 2005


The Left has been disavowing the term "Liberal" in favor of the term "Progressive" for quite some time now. Why is it that they don't seem to want any actual progress on any issue other than those having to do with sex?

- As I noted below, they will never recognize any progress on anything having to do with any "isms" (i.e. racism, sexism, etc.). They are still at the 1962 status quo.

- They want no progress on solving the Social Security crisis, preferring instead to leave it as it is and have it crash and burn, thereby really leaving our grandkids a mess.

- They will tolerate no progress in our public schools. Instead they are willing to let our kids' intelligence plummet so that they can keep their education union's fat and happy. Republicans are supposed to be greedy, but they're willing to sacrifice our kids to keep the donations coming.

- Progress is the last thing that they want when it comes to cutting government waste. The more money that their Church of Governmentalism can take from you, the more power they have. They operate on the same principal as the medieval Catholic church did.

- They are absolutely apopoleptic about the progress of the "New Media" in informing the populace. They much prefer the pre-progress days of the Big Three networks and the New York Times regurgitating the Democrat Party talking points unchallenged.

- They like the U.N. just as it is and care to make no progress in the Oil-For-Food scandals, the rapes and prostitution committed by U.N. forces, or any of the other scandals that plague the useless "International Body".

- They prefer the foreign policy status quo of the Clinton years over the progress being made by the Bush administration for the simple reasons that, a) Clinton (and the rest of the Left) didn't want the United States to be any more powerful and, b) George Bush would get credit for any progress made. That's worth letting millions more people die in their eyes.

- This is the one that really proves the point that they are anything but "progressive": they have aligned themselves with Muslim fanatics who want the world to regress back to their 8th century values!

That's just a partial listing. I'm sure that my intelligent readers (i.e. those on the Right) will be able to come up with many, many more.

To the "Progressives", the ultimate in progress would be to allow gays to get married or 13-year-old girls to have abortions without telling their parents.

In their eyes, nothing else needs to be changed and, should anyone try to change something, they will be called Nazis.


  1. You are absolutely correct. "Progressive" is really just a euphemism, and like all euphemisms, it is used to mask something revolting. In this case, it is used to mask the absurdity that is modern liberalism (which in and of itself is a euphemism for socialism and has little to do with classic liberalism).