Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bush is Causing my Obsession

The Democrats and the Left have gotten to the point where they, literally, cannot open their mouths without an attack on President Bush spewing out.

Everything is Bush's fault! I'm honestly waiting for the day when our local news traffic reporter says the following: "There's a backup on Highway 10 just south of Hanson Boulevard and sources say that it's due to administration policies".

How would you like to have a conversation with these people?

"So, how ya doing?"

"Well, I'm doing a lot better than those poor, tortured prisoners in Guantanamo are, I can tell ya that much!"

"'s the 'partner' and kid?"

"Well, my partner would be doing much better if we were allowed to get married so that he could be on my health insurance plan; and my child is fine for now, but if Bush gets his Social Security reform passed, he won't have much to look forward to."

" about this weather?"

"Well, it's 20 below zero outside because Bush's attack on the environment is causing global warming." (Don't laugh, I actually heard one of them say that)

"Alrighty then. Hey, look at the time. I reallly need to go do something that doesn't involve talking to you."

I bet they're a lot of fun at family gatherings, too.

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  1. So true. The left has just gone stark raving mad--everything is Bush's fault. Dr. Sanity always talks about it being a paranoid disorder. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit calls it Bush Derangement Syndrome. He said that George Bush's ability to cause his critics to blow their own credibility is rather impressive. And I totally agree.