Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Du bist ein Hippie!

Last night, as I was doing exhaustive research into the subject (i.e. sitting on the couch watching the History Channel), I came up with another reason why, though the Left always accuses the Right of being Nazis, it is they who are much, much closer to Nazi idealism.

What is one of the best-remembered symbols of the left-wing hippie culture of the 60's? The Volkswagen "bug", of course.

Did you know that it was everybody's favorite whacky Nazi, Adolph Hitler, who comissioned the design of that car? He did it so that all of the common "volk" could buy an inexpensive car and drive it on the centerpiece of his new Nazi regime, the Autobahn.

Makes ya think, huh?

- The Exile


  1. Makes ya think what??? If someone drives a Volkswagon bug, they're a nazi???

  2. Wow! That was an Olympic-class leap of logic. I'm betting that it was made possible by not being weighed down with a sense of humor.

    It was what we who are not liberals call a "joke". I'd explain that concept, but it would take too long. The short version is: it's something that makes you smile.

    Oh. Now I guess I have to explain to liberals what a smile is. Well, it's kind of like a sneer, except both sides of your mouth turn upwards and it makes you feel happy.

    Ack! Happiness. Well, happiness is what you liberals feel when something bad happens to this country.

    If you were to, maybe, read the link in the first paragraph of the post you responded to, you might understand where I was coming from

  3. I know what a joke is. I also know what a smile is. As a matter of fact, I laugh at a lot of the things you say.

    Why do you think liberals are happy when something bad happens to this country?

  4. Umm...because they are happy when bad things happen to this country?

    They managed to shut up for about a week before they started blaming 9/11 on America's policy in the mid-east.

    Liberals hate America as it now stands. When they say that they love America what they really mean is that they love the fact that America allows them to attempt to change the Government to Socialism without throwing them into the gulag.

    You know, like the Socialist government that they envision would do.

    If you have any doubt of that, see what they've done to Larry Summers at Harvard.