Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What's my Line?

For all of you who listen to "evil, right-wing extremist" talk radio, here's something that adds even more to the entertainment value.

When the host takes a caller and before said caller expresses his/her opinion, try to figure out whether that caller is a Lefty or a Righty.

I've got it down to where I can get about 90% right.

You can just tell by the whiny, soft-spoken, sneering, depressed tone of voice that they use to greet the host when a Lefty is on the line.

When it's a Righty, the vast majority of the time their tone of voice is happy, upbeat and confident.

Michael Medved's show is especially good for this game because he takes a lot of Lefties' calls. I've even tried this on Air Un-american's shows for the short periods of time that I'm able to listen to it and it works there, too, so it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the caller's attitude toward the host. It's apparently just their whole outlook on life.

Try it, it's interesting and fun.

- The Exile


  1. I am convinced that you can pick out a liberal caller on talk radio by how long they wait before they start talking. If its a liberal there's usually this giant sigh, like--"You fools--I am about to allow all of you imbeciles the ability to hear what my superior intellect has to say on the subject."

    And then they talk.

    In person, I think liberals have uniformly bad haircuts and have poor choice in eyewear. Republicans have the monopoly on the Mullet, but that is a bad haircut gone awesome, so it doesn't count.

  2. ...and poor choice in footwear. Can't forget that!


  3. Well, you know why they have such bad fashion sense don't you, ladies?

    The theme runs all through this blog: to wit, all of these people are the same misfits who couldn't dress themselves properly back in school. The ones who were constantly picked on.

    And now they've all banded together in a group where nobody ever criticizes their wearing combat boots with black socks and shorts while marching on Washington because they don't have anything better to do like, say, go to work.

    Always remember who you're dealing with.

  4. They must have been those guys who washed all of their 100% hemp clothing and their Grateful Dead tee shirts together until all of the pieces became the exact same puke-green color.