Monday, March 28, 2005

One Down, Two To Go.

Well, we're down to the "inalienable" rights of "Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". So much for Life.

33% of the way down the road to Socialism or outright Communism.

And Liberty is "iffy" when you consider how much the government intrudes on our daily lives and how "political correctness" no longer allows us to speak our minds.

You know, whenever I heard that old saw about Democracies lasting approximately 200 years and always being replaced by a Dictatorship, I envisioned the Executive branch turning into the Dictatorship.

It's fast becoming obvious that it's the Judicial branch that will get us there. They are taking over the governance of this country, and the other two branches are too afraid of offending people to do anything about it.

God, help my daughter. I'd almost rather it happens sooner rather than later so that I can help her along, but I'd guess we have about another 20 years before this country is run entirely by judicial fiat.

Does that sound paranoid? Conspiracy-theorist? Yes, to a point it sounds that way even to me. But I look at the judicial rulings regarding abortion, gay marriage, The Pledge of Allegiance, Terri Schiavo, prayer in schools, etc., and I see no one really trying to stop any of it.

The politicians in Washington are "full of sound and fury" but it signifies nothing. They don't have the spine to actually recall or impeach these despots in the black robes.

Could anything be more symbolic than people in black robes ruling our country?

- The Exile

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