Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Snow-angels in Hell

The Minneapolis Red Star Tribunal is apparently looking for a new columnist.

From my fellow Minnesota bloggers at Fraters Libertas:


In the interest of adding more voices and perspectives to the paper, we are seeking candidates for a new Metro columnist position. As with all columnists, the emphasis would be on deeply reported columns, story telling off the news, pieces that can best be told with a columnist's leeway. This columnist would have the added goal of bringing a conservative perspective to the paper in story topics, circles traveled and views explored. Like the other Metro columnists, this person will write 3 columns a week and special projects from time to time.

Now all they have to do is hire 20 or 30 more and it will be almost balanced.

When evil Capitalist companies (other than their own) used to hire one black guy, they'd sneer at that company for hiring a "token" black. So what's the difference?

By hiring a conservative they will increase the number of columnists of that persuasion to exactly two. And the one that they already have, James Lileks, never speaks a word about politics in his column. Until he started showing up on Hugh Hewitt's show, I never had a clue that he was a Conservative.

But I'm sure that they'll trumpet this to the heavens and tell everybody, "See? We're not biased", and the sad thing is, they'll believe it. They already believe that they're not biased. They're only doing this to try to respond to the hordes of mail that they're surely getting blasting them for their left-wing bias and cancelling subscriptions.

It just goes to show that we are having an affect. It won't change the way they do business, but it shows that we are getting through to the people who used to take their drivel at face value, and that they are afraid.

- The Exile

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