Friday, March 04, 2005

Unpatriotic, traitorous scum

If I hear one more Republican back down when a Lefty accuses them of "questioning their patriotism", I may just form my own party.

I'll go even farther than questioning their patriotism, I'll call them unpatriotic traitors and smile in their faces.

Ya want proof? OK, piece of cake.

They're only against things when America does them. If any other country does these things they have this amazing ability to ignore them or downplay them

Their main theme seems to be that they're "for the little guy.

Yet they were perfectly willing to let hundreds of thousands of "little guys" in Iraq die while they debated what to do about it for 12 years! I guess they only care for the little guys who can vote for them.

People would beg to be fed into Sadaam's wood-shredders head first, just so they wouldn't have to feel their bodies being chewed up as they died. Think about that! But a few more years of debate might have solved that problem.

And when George Bush sends our military in to stop these atrocities, they call him a mass murderer because we caused a few thousand "collateral damage" casualties. What we did to save hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more people's lives is called mass murder, but you have to pry the words "mass murder" out of the Left when speaking of Sadaam, who killed a thousand times more people for no other reason than to hang on to Power. I guess that's a goal that they can relate to. Freeing millions of "little guys" is OK in theory, I guess. As long as you don't have to offend anyone.

They can't scream enough about abused women in this country, but they're perfectly willing to let the abuse go on anywhere else in this world.

Literally millions of women in other countries have been subject to "female castration" or what is actually a removal of the clitoris and sewing the labia closed. With no anesthesia.

Now, this is bad enough, but what you're never told by the media is that this is usually done by the victim's mother and other female relatives. The mother does it because after she gets old (say about 21) in the eyes of her husband, he may start eyeing his daughter as fresh meat. It's plain, old jealousy.

And when the poor girl finally gets married, her husband is given a "ceremonial dagger". Care to guess what this is for? Well, it's to cut her sewn labia open so that they can consumate their marriage.

Women in other countries aren't allowed to leave the house unless escorted by a male relative.

Women in other countries aren't allowed to drive cars.

Women in other countries are regularly killed because they have been raped, thereby soiling the family honor.

But, deep down, we're all the same, right? Yeah, right.

And in this country, you can be arrested for calling your wife a "bitch".

But it's America that's evil to these people.

It just goes to show that these people couldn't care less about the "causes" that they're whining about. Any "cause" will do, just so long as it can be used to bring down America. And just so long as it gets people to pay attention to them, just like any child throwing a tantrum.

I'd call that unpatriotic. I'd call that traitorous. I'd call that disgusting and evil.

And if any Lefty who stumbles across this cares to debate me, I have many, many more examples, such as real torture vs. "naked Twister" in Abu Ghraib. If it were up to me, I'd pick the naked pyramid over being beheaded any day. But to the Left, Abu Ghraib is worse than Auschwitz only because it was a few Americans who perpetrated it.

These people are disgustingly hypocritical. I really can't understand why more people can't see this. Have we as a people really become that stupid?

- The Exile

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  1. Sounds like you're having the kind of day I've been having lately. It might be worthwhile to look into when the old-school laws regarding treason in times of war apply, and how they can be reinstated.