Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I Protest!

While watching the people who are protesting Terry Schiavo's attempted state-sponsored murder, I couldn't help but contrast them to the ones who were protesting the 2nd anniversary of Sadaam's Butt-whooping (I think that that should be the official name of it, not "The War in Iraq". It would just be funny to watch Peter Jennings [Canadian], et al, saying it on the news).

The people who were protesting Terry Schiavo's murder were quiet, concerned and very serious-looking.

The ones who were protesting the 2nd anniversary of Sadaam's Butt-whooping (see?) were dancing, laughing and having the time of their lives. The chanting and yelling seemed to have about the same emotional concern as a college football rouser.

These people really didn't seem to care about their "cause" nearly as much as the party atmosphere going on around them. And they didn't seem to be protesting Sadaam's Butt-whooping (OK, I'll knock it off now) as much as professing their hatred of George Bush. If it wasn't the 2nd anniversary of, well, you know, then it would have been something else.

The point is, these people are more interested in being a part of a club. Look at them closely whenever you see them on TV. They're all of the misfits from school whose only friends, if they had any at all, were the other misfits. The ones who never belonged anywhere or to any social groups. The ones nobody paid any attention to.

But now they've found a group that will accept them. As long as they profess their hatred of Bush and Conservatism in general. They don't even have to believe it, but I'm sure that most of them do. Or have convinced themselves that they do so that they can be part of this club.

They're no different than children throwing a tantrum to get attention. They couldn't care less about their cause, though I'm sure that they've convinced themselves that they do. They just want the attention.

A few years back I remember a case where a bunch of animal-rights protestors set a bunch of minks free. The minks had no idea how to live in the wild and died. Every last one of them. There was nary a word of remorse from any of them.

I've seen many, many web sites, posts, ads, etc. touting the belief that drinking milk is somehow cruelty to cows. These people have no idea what would happen to a cow if you didn't milk it. Hint: it will die! I'm a city-boy from way back, but even I know that.

I'm sure that the above has been pointed out to them. But they don't care. They just want the attention. I hear it from my 6-year-old daughter all the time: "Look at me, daddy!". The difference is that at least she's cute.

- The Exile

P.S. Does anyone know of any websites or anywhere else that I could find out where and when these protests are scheduled? I've always wanted to join them with a sign that says, "I am a moron" and march around in front of the TV cameras with the rest of them. Now that would be funny!

I wonder how long it would take them to notice. I wonder what their reaction would be. Do you think that these "anti-violence" people would politely ask me to leave? And, if they did and I refused, what then? Do you think that they might attack me? Now that would be even funnier!

I can't think of a better hobby.

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  1. I've done my fair share of protesting in my life. One major difference I've seen between the anti-war protestors and the pro-life protestors is that, when push comes to shove, anti-war protestors scatter. Nobody in that camp ever gets arrested for doing something protest-related. Usually its for setting something on fire or assaulting an officer. They are big fans of the hit-and-run protest mentality--its all so childish--all bomb throwing and profanity and effigies and middle fingers. The protestors on the right are really peaceful. They don't burn anything--they are far more apt to being praying--and when they get arrested its in connection with a real attempt at doing something. They always know to put their hands behind their backs and go quietly. Its a silent, dignified protest--or as dignified as it can be.