Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gimme back my money

As I was putting my Kindergarten-age daughter to bed a few minutes ago, she started to proudly show me some of the sign-language that she knew. I asked her where she had learned that and she told me that she had learned it in school. I smiled and told her that it was very good and that she was a very smart girl, but inside, "I got to thinking".

Now I'm sure that, to some of you, the following will sound like something from your typical heartless Republican. To others it will confirm their belief that republicans are "x_ists" (x is a variable that can be changed at will) who do not celebrate diversity in all of it's forms. Hopefully it will sound logical to most of you.

I got to thinking, "How many times have I actually needed to know sign-language in my 40 years on this earth?

Answer: 0.

"OK", I thought, "how many times would it have come in handy to know sign-language?"

Answer: maybe 10. Probably less.

So why is the Government school that my daughter attends wasting time teaching her to communicate with a tiny fraction of 1% of the population that depends on sign-language to communicate?

Wouldn't that time be better spent learning say, math, history, reading, writing or anything else that is going to be useful in her everyday life?

Don't tell me that these teachers are overworked, underpaid or trying to do their best for our children. If they think that they have the time to piss away on something like this, which is pretty much useless to my child, then they really don't understand the responsibility that they have. They think that their job is to have fun with the kids (which makes their job fun) and teach them their ideology which always seems to be dominated by "diversity".

Their real responsibilty is to teach these kids how to get along in the real world, not in a world that is 80% deaf or 80% Spanish-speaking. No matter how much they may dislike it, 80% of the population of this country is not deaf and speaks English. Why are they wasting my child's time?

I've taught my daughter to read, to add and subtract some pretty large numbers, to tell time on a non-digital clock and much more. The rest of the kids in her class can do none of these things. But, by God, they'll know sign-language just in case they run into a deaf person and there's no pencil and paper available!

So why do the schools waste time teaching the other kids, who can't even read, sign-language? It's 99% useless!

I see things like this and wonder how in the hell these people have the guts to whine about not having enough money. But then I realize that a lot of the people pay no attention to anything other than their local newspaper, news or CBS, NBC, or CNN. If they did, the Democrat party and their union supporters would be voted out in a landlside of epic proportions.

That's our job: let's get these average people who aren't paying attention to realize what they're actually voting for. I've turned a few people to what they formerly thought was the "dark side". If every one of us could do that, we'd have our country back.

- The Exile

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  1. I spent most of second grade learing Hebrew and Jewish history, simply because my teacher was a devout Jew. For me, with a keen interest in history, it was great. For the less-than-smart kids, it was a waste of time. I could still go home at night and read a book or two, or work on a science project with only my dad to help me. My parents could afford to hire a student to help me with my french (it was Quebec - we had to have french). But what about the po' kids? Or the slow ones? Or mostly, the ones who's parents didn't take an interest in their education? My teacher failed them. She didn't do her job.

    However, the latkes were very tasty... (too bad it was a Protestant school I went to!)