Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Thought Police

There's a columnist called "C.J." in The Minneapolis Red Star Tribunal (aka The Star Tribune) who refuses to call the city in which I reside by it's proper name, Coon Rapids. She believes that it is racist. She calls it "Racoon Rapids".

This city was named in the 1890's after a creek that runs through it called Coon Creek. Once upon a time there were racoons everywhere, feeding on the acorns from all of the oak trees that were here. The city's symbol is an oak leaf. It has nothing to do with race.

But she thinks that the word "coon" should be banished from the English language. Wouldn't that be insulting to the animals? Wouldn't that hurt their self-esteem? Is this "1984"?

These people are insane.

- The Exile


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  2. I see your point. Is this columnist black?

    Do you have any black friends?? What do they think?

  3. Yes, even though I'm a racist Republican, I do have black friends.

    In fact, just yesterday My buddy Torrance said that he wasn't feeling well. I told him that he did look a bit pale.

    He called me a "white cracker MF" and we both laughed our asses off.

    He thinks people like C.J. (yes, she is black) are hurting more than helping.

  4. I was not calling you a racist. Unlike you I do not take every opportunity to generalize and sterotype. It was a sincere question. If you recall, I agreed with your point. Stop assuming you know who or what people are.

  5. Well, according to the Left's pronouncements, I am a racist.

    The behavior of the majority of the "African-American community" disgusts me.

    It doesn't matter that the same behavior of "white" people disgusts me equally, any negative portrayal of anyone who isn't white is considered racist.

    It's funny, but the "black" people that I know take no offense when I give them shit. It's only the white liberals who are offended.

    How racist is that?