Thursday, March 03, 2005

They eyes are the windows to the (lack of a) soul

Today, once again, I heard a whiney liberal call Dick Cheney and Karl Rove "evil geniuses".

Come on!

Dick Cheney looks like somebody's grandpa and Karl Rove reminds me of nothing more than the old cartoon dog, Droopy! These people are the best they can come up with for the evil geniuses who are behind the whole vast right-wing conspiracy?

Here's a little test. The next time that you see either of these guys on TV, look at their eyes. They seem engaged, amused, human.

In comparison, look at Barbara Boxer's or Hillary's eyes. Now, it may just be the Botox, but to me they seem to have the wide-eyed, glazed, soulless, staring look of the fanatic. And they're not the only ones in their party.

I first noticed this phenomenon during the 2000 Presidential campaign. Al Gore's eyes had nothing behind them. Nothing. He had lizard eyes. The best way I could describe it is that he looked dead inside.

Now, that's quite different from Boxer or Clinton. Their eyes look like they may, at any moment, begin rolling around in their sockets while their owners begin ranting the latest Democrat talking points faxed over from the DNC. Kind of like when Regan began speaking in tongues in The Exorcist.

It may sound as if I'm personalizing this too much, but I'm serious. Look at the eyes of the people on the Left and tell me what you see.

- The Exile

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