Thursday, March 31, 2005

Here's Your Real Peta

Here are the type of people we're dealing with on the extreme Left. Ya gotta click on the link and see this guy's picture. Everything that I've ever said about them being misfits makes more sense when ya see this guy.

From the AP:

SAN JOSE, Calif. - An animal rights activist was arrested on a domestic
terrorism charge after seven years on the run in connection with the release
of thousands of minks from commercial farms.

Peter Daniel Young, 27, could face life in prison if convicted of all charges, including conspiracy to interfere with interstate commerce and animal enterprise terrorism, according to court papers.

Young fled soon after he was indicted in 1998 and was arrested March 21
at a coffee shop in San Jose, authorities said.

He and Justin Clayton Samuel, 26, were indicted by a federal grand jury
in Wisconsin in the release of minks from farms in Wisconsin, South Dakota and
Iowa, FBI agent Mike Johnson said Tuesday. They were accused of freeing
thousands of the animals.

Federal authorities suspect Young is affiliated with the activist group Animal Liberation Front. A telephone message left at the group's office in Canoga Park was not immediately returned.

According to a police report, Officer Ian Cooley witnessed
Young attempting to steal music CDs from the cafe. Young was arrested and
found to be hiding a handcuff key taped to his belt, according to the
report. A fingerprint search turned up the outstanding warrant.

Young also faces several charges in connection with the coffee shop
incident. He is being held in an isolation jail cell because he refused to
take a tuberculosis test, authorities said. Some TB tests contain animal

Co-defendant Samuel was arrested in Belgium in 1999. He
pleaded guilty the following year and was sentenced to two years in

These people are nothing more than common criminals of the type that would shoplift from a coffee shop. And note the "James Bondish" trick of the handcuff key in the belt. That's something I might have thought up when I was 10.

And what kind of moron, who's on the run from Federal felony charges, is stupid enough to risk capture by shoplifting a CD? Easy: a moron to whom none of it is real. It's all just a childish game to him and he'll never really be caught and sent to prison. I'm sure that it'll become painfully real when he becomes some guy's "wife" in the Federal Pen.

And, what the story neglects to mention, is that the minks that this kind-hearted moron let loose were domesticated, and died in the wilderness because they didn't know how to survive. Every one of them!

There's your PETA for you.

- The Exile

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