Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Greed is in the Eye of the Beholder

So which party is the "greedy" one?

From The Beltway Buzz at National Review:


An administration source has a funny story for Beltway Buzz readers. While traveling through the Southwest a few weeks ago promoting Social Security reform, the White House team encountered a group of about a dozen protestors outside an event in Albuquerque.
“There were twelve to fifteen of them outside. They were holding signs and heckling us as we went into the event. I didn’t think much of it, because you see this sort of thing happens almost anytime you are traveling for town hall type events.”

But what happened next is what caught our source’s attention:

“I was walking through the Dallas airport with some colleagues and one of them recognized two of the same protestors we had seen outside the event in Albuquerque. We had some extra time, so we decided to talk to them. They were very polite and explained to us they had just come from protesting an event nearby. One of them very quickly identified themselves as professional protestors.”

“Not that they just liked to protest, but that they actually got paid by liberal interest groups to travel the country protesting. Here they were, sitting in the airport TGI Friday’s having a burger and getting ready to travel to New Orleans for another protest. They were good kids and wanted to talk. We tried discussing some of the benefits of Social Security reform. They listened, but weren’t too interested. Not because they had opposing views, they just said they weren’t too educated on the details. They even admitted they didn’t know who it was they were going to protest in New Orleans.”


Thanks to The American Princess for this one

- The Exile


  1. I hate to break into your left-bashing-athon, but you do realize that the right (your precious conservatives) also pays protestors, don't you? You do realize that the the right spins shit and the right lies and the media even likes the right, don't you? DUDE, wake up and pay attention. You talk about "reality" and "truth" - yet you throw out spin as if you were paid by the republican spin machine.

  2. In fact, you are aware that the Republicans during the last election not only paid protesters, but paid people to pose as voter registration workers--they got people to "register" to vote and then instead of delivering the forms appropriately, they just shredded them and threw them in dumpsters. But that's ok, because your side is the moral decency crew. Yep. That must be what it is.

  3. Paid people to pose as voter registration workers? Right. That's a substantiated claim if I ever saw one. At least we didn't pay people to register to vote with crack cocaine(check me out today-new revelations).

    P.S. Thanks for the link!!

  4. Show me a credible link on either of those...dude.

  5. Investigation into Trashed Voter Registrations: "The Republican National Committee acknowledges that it hired Voters Outreach of America to register voters." Voters Outreach of America then "trashed registration forms filled out by Democratic voters because they only wanted to sign up Republican voters." There was at the time video footage of ripped up voter registration forms that Eric Russel, mentioned in the story rescued from the garbage and turned over to the FBI. The VOA carried out similar tactics in PA, NM, OH, WV, and elsewhere. The head of VOA is Steve Ellmann, former executive director of the GOP in AZ. Here's an article on the company having scammed a library into allowing them to "register voters" under a false name. And another on VOA, paid for by the GOP, committing fraud with voter registration efforts.

    Here's a summarizing post with links from Talking Points Memo:
    Employees of Voters Outreach of America, a GOP-funded voter registration outfit operating in Nevada, say they personally witnessed company employees shredding hundreds or even thousands of Democratic registrations. Now the same company (VOA) is being accused of destroying Democratic registration forms in Oregon.

    The head of VOA is Nathan Sproul, a Republican political consultant who used to be the executive director of the Arizona state Republican party.

    In gaining access to venues to register voters, he has apparently been claiming that his group is part of America Votes, a voter education and registration groups put together by a consortium of Democrat-leaning groups like the AFL-CIO, Emily's List, the Sierra Club and others.

    A quick scan of Nexis shows Sproul's outfit is also operating in West Virginia (see Charleston Gazette, August 20th), where they've already raised some controversy for misleading tactics if not destroying legally valid registrations."

  6. "I hate to break into your left-bashing-athon, but you do realize that the right (your precious conservatives) also pays protestors, don't you?"

    Not a bad idea. Since most protest events take place Mon-Fri, 9-5, it's tough for the educated, gainfully employed, tax-paying, hard working right winger to get out there with the great unwashed, unshaven, dreadlocked, birkenstockers. I see great potential in this. Like many many republicans and conservatives, I have entrepreneurial spirit. Hire-a-Protester is the way of the future, and remember lefties: Anything you can do, we can do better - and make more money from!


    1. I'm definitely late to this conversation, but I have to say your statement is patently false. There by far more welfare recipients who are on the right. It's been that way for a long time and will alway be that way because righties like yourself don't consider it welfare when they take it, only when someone else does. Most of your ilk are hypocrites. Subhuman, knuckle dragging, double standards.

  7. Your link to klas-tv:

    The allegations have set off a political firestorm stretching from Las Vegas to Washington D.C., and beyond.

    As with everything else in this election year, it's now become a political football being tossed between the two parties, with charges and countercharges, but at its core, there still remains the matter of registration forms that were ripped up and tossed in the trash.

    Who did it, and why? That's what official agencies will try to determine. On Tuesday afternoon, Las Vegan Eric Russell and his girlfriend took a packet of documents to the Las Vegas FBI office but left before filing a formal complaint about what Russell says was a deliberate effort to disenfranchise local voters.


    You may notice that an "allegation" turns into apparent facts: "who did it and why"?

    In this idiotic article an "allegation" becomes fact. It starts out as who "allegedly" did it,then they say "who did it and why?".

    Are you lefties really unable to see such logic?

    I have utter contempt for anyone who has been to college. Is it any wonder?