Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Believe it

From The Weekly Standard:

All Wet. In a rare episode where common sense prevailed, the board rejected a $100,000 aid package for tsunami victims--after an initial proposal of $1 million in city aid. These gestures of charity came at a time when San Francisco faces a budget shortfall just shy of $100 million. All of which prompted a comical exchange between two supervisors sitting two chairs apart--Chris Daly (author of the relief proposal) and Jake McGoldrick (who voted against it, prompting Daly to claim he was double-crossed)--whose juvenile tone sounded more like Beevis and Butthead than two city leaders butting heads.

McGoldrick: How come you gotta act like a baby?

Daly: How come you're two-faced? I'm a baby because you're two-faced!

McGoldrick: You know where you can kiss, don't you, Chris?

Daly: Yeah, I'll kiss your ass. Right after I kick it.

There's no word as to whether the supervisors settled their differences at recess, or agreed to a pay-per-view bout to help whittle down the city's deficit.


Anyone care to challenge my theory that liberals are children? Class ... anyone?

_ The Exile

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