Thursday, February 24, 2005

Back to the basics

Here's an idea for any of you aspiring politcians out there. This idea would get you elected forever. And if you're not an aspiring politician, maybe forwarding it to your current Congressman or Senator would be a good idea. I doubt any of them have the guts to try to implement it, but miracles have happened.

What we need is for someone to introduce a bill to form a commision that will systematically go through every law and repeal every one of them is not specifically mandated by The Constitution.

Not "interpreted" to mean, but explicitly, in plain language mandated to the Federal government. As The Constitution says, all other laws are mandated to the States.

When you actually read The Constitution, you'll notice that the Federal government isn't really supposed to be doing very much other than national defense, foreign policy and some other things. The Federal government is certainly not supposed to be doing enough to justify the literally millions of pages of laws that have been written.

There are so many laws on the books that I guarantee that you are breaking at least one of them at this very moment. Think about that. No matter what you do, you are breaking a law. Statistical probability says that you have to be!

Somehow it became imperative that Legislators get their names on Bills and/or "bring home the bacon" to their home states to be considered succesful. This necessarily meant that they would have to expand the power of the Federal government to get the money to do so. Instead of keeping and regulating the law, they felt that they had to add more and more laws just to get their names out in the public eye.

This has been going on for at least 150 years, which means untold thousands and thousands of Congressmen & Senators, which explains the millions of pages of Federal laws.

Think of the income tax code. It originally stated that a percentage point or two be taken from individuals' incomes that exceeded a certain amount (the original "tax the rich" scheme). You could have written it down on one piece of paper.

Now, it takes a forklift to bring all of the books that regulate taxes to the usual Republican press conference.

And every one of those additions had to be made by someone in Congress!!!

The Federal government has no business giving money to artists, good or (mostly) bad. They have no business funding PBS, whether you like it or not. They have no business taking money out of your paycheck for Social Security, Medicare or anything else. They have their fingers into every aspect of your life and, if you read The Constitution, they have no business doing 90% of it.

What we need is fewer Federal laws, not more. And any politician who actually advocated doing just that would be greeted as a hero by a large majority of the people.

And when the Democrat party started shrieking about the "starving children" that would result (as they always do), that would be just one more nail in their coffin.

(Stay tuned. I'm thinking that tomorrow night, when I have a few hours to devote to it, we'll get into the whole Education thing. Not that a whole lot of people read this blog o' mine, but it's sure to ruffle a lot of feathers because not many people dare to pick on the teachers themselves. And now that I've committed to doing it, I guess I'll have to. Kinda sad when you have to blackmail yourself to get around to something .)

- The Exile

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