Monday, February 21, 2005

Honor the Children (if it helps your agenda)

As I was laying in bed this morning with a case of what is, apparently, the bubonic plague, I watched a documentary on George Washington. As I was watching it struck me that what is completely lacking in the Democrat party is something that Washington held in very high esteem, namely Honor.

Now I've known for a very long time that the Democrats in Washington have no principles, honor or core beliefs other than winning power at all costs, but it really never hit me how low they had sunken.

After the Revolution, George Washington wanted nothing more than to go back to his farm and live out a low-profile life. In other words, this man, who had just won independence and could have been crowned King of America gave up power. That had never happened before. Ever. He didn't want power and he knew that by giving it up, he would set a precedent for future generations to follow in electing their leaders. Thankfully, he was persuaded that being the first President of the United States of America was what was needed to show this country the way forward.

Fast forward to the Democrat party of today. From Social Security reform to what Dick Cheney wore to Europe, everything that Republicans do is wrong. Period.

You'd think that, statistically, Republicans would accidentally take a position that the Democrat party would agree with, but it never happens. Ever.

George Bush could declare that kittens were cute, and the Democrats would declare that, not only were puppies cuter, but that it was discrminatory for Bush to say such a thing. In fact, there ought to be a Congressional investigation into the whole matter.

In other words, these people will disagree with him on, literally, everything just so they can regain their power.

Their only principle is: we need to be in power so that we can tell the American people what is right for them. And if that takes sacrificing what's good for the country to get that power, so be it. In other words, "the end justifies the means". Karl Marx, anybody?

Hillary Clinton framed every issue that she ever stood for as "for the children" because she knew that the vast majority of people would put their logic away and agree with her because they loved their kids so much.

A "National Health Care Program" would be devastating to this country's economy and to it's quality of health care. Hillary didn't care because it would have given her more power had it passed. You can bet that the new "Health Care System" would be another government union which would vote Democrat 90% of the time.

The perennial cry for more money for education is another one of her pet goals. Year after year it's shown that money has nothing to do with the quality of education a child receives, but Hillary will go with it because she knows that most of that money goes to increase union rolls, which increases her votes. But she'll always tell you that it's "for the children".

(We'll be getting into the whole Education thing shortly. It will even include killing some sacred cows that Republicans are usually afraid of)

If you look into Hillary's past her motives have always been clear: power, power, power. And if using children to further that goal is what is necessary, so be it. The end justifies the means.

Because she knows what's right for you and I, even if you're too stupid to realize it. She has a vision. Religious visons are to be scoffed at, but political ones are to be embraced, as long as they lead to Socialism or Communism.

Whenever I hear a politician framing an argument as being "for the children", I get an image of a cowardly criminal in a movie holding a child in front of him as a shield so that the police don't gun him down.

So much for Honor.

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