Thursday, February 10, 2005

Oh ye doubters

I've had a few people e-mail me to say that this country isn't ready for a female President.

Well, first of all, if Hillary runs, which I believe is about a 90% probability, then running Condoleezza Rice is going to make a female President a non-issue. One of them is going to win.

I'd bet every one of my meager possesions that the American people will vote for the calm, reserved, respectful woman over the shrieking, eyes-rolled-back-in-the-head harpy who will be claiming that it's a "vast right-wing conspiracy" that is trying to keep her (and her husband) out of the White House.

From what I have seen, Condi's record is spotless.

Let's compare that to Hillary's record. Whitewater, Travelgate, Rose Law Firm records "lost" for months and suddenly appearing on the dining room table, her complicity in Monicagate just to keep power and her Senate voting record, aquiring thousands of FBI files on her political opponents (didn't the Democrats accuse Nixon of this?), the list is never-ending.

John Kerry's record wasn't half this bad and he was shredded in the non-mainstream media. Dan Rather couldn't save her even with fake documents.

My friends and I are the very people that the left likes to disparage as blue collar, racist, sexist slobs. My friends and I believe that Condi would be the perfect candidate.

We're the ones who are supposed to be afraid of strong women. Ann Coulter, anyone? We're the ones who are supposed to be racist. Alberto Gonzalez, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, anyone?

What we need is an image makeover. Electing a brilliant black woman as the first black, female President of the United States would put that nosensical view of the Right away forever.

In addition to gaining the Presidency, we could shut down the race-baiters forever. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have nothing to talk about, unless they wanted to call Condi "Aunt Jemima" or something. How do you think that that would go over?

And it's not because she's female and/or she's black. She is an amazing person. She lifted herself out of poverty to become Secretary of State. This woman is the American dream!

And she called the New England Patriots by 3 in the Super Bowl! 24-21. I rest my case.

There would be no competition!

Democrats have nobody, other than Joe Lieberman, who is even close to the mainstream. And "Honest Joe" showed that he was willing to give up his principles to join AlGore's machine. He may agree with Republicans occasionally, but only for political expediency.

Hillary's working her rather wide ass off to move to the middle, but the blogosphere will destroy that attempt. From now on, you run on your actions, not your words. Politicians haven't grasped that fact yet. Communication is now instantaneous. You can't count on CBS to cover for you anymore, because we're not watching CBS.

And, in that atmosphere, Condi is a shoo-in.

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