Saturday, February 19, 2005

Vive Le difference

How many times have you heard someone say that there's no difference between Democrats & Republicans?

Well, here's one difference: when a Republican loses an election, he goes away. When a Democrat loses an election, he keeps yapping like a Pomeranian.

Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace. He went away.

Jimmy Carter's Presidency ended in disgrace. We still hear him yapping. In fact, he promised North Korea the world if they wouldn't go after nuclear weapons.

Where are we today? He now blames President Bush for the very problems that he created! He went to North Korea as an unofficial representative of America and negotiated a treaty wherein we gave NK food, fuel-oil and nuclear technology in return for their promise not to seek nuclear weapons.

Gee, we'll help you develop nuclear technology as long as you promise not to develop nuclear technology. You're the most totalitarian, anti-western state in the world, but we'll trust you to keep your word.

What a fucking moron. I don't swear often, but Jimmy Carter needs that adjective. He has done more to screw up this country than, well, his Democrat predecessor Lyndon Johnson.

Where are we now? North Korea has nukes and Jimmy Carter has the Nobel Peace Prize. What a joke.

Ronald Reagan could have been publicly against Bill Clinton, but he kept his mouth shut. Even before his Alzheimer's Disease kicked in, he had enough respect and class for the Presidency to stay out of it.

Bill Clinton beat George Bush I in 1992. When's the last time that you've heard GB I say anything about policy, domestic or foreign?

George Bush I managed to go through 8 years of Bill Clinton's presidency without saying a word about his disgraceful conduct in the oval office.

In contrast, Jimmy Carter keeps popping his head up and yapping about what he would have done about Iraq. We've seen how well his policies work, but that doesn't deter him.

Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, these guys just never go away.

They are all, in their arrogance, convinced that the American people made a dreadful mistake. It was only a fluke that they weren't voted into office. America didn't really reject them!

Besides, they need the attention. Just like any child needs attention.

In other words, Republicans have "class", whereas Democrats couldn't care less as long as they win.

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