Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Yay W!

Let’s hear it for President Bush! Just by taking office he’s fixed the Social Security crisis!

Let’s think back to 1999, if you can. Everybody, and I do mean everybody, was saying that Social Security was a crisis that needed to be fixed. If you're a liberal and can't remember what you thought yesterday, let me remind you.

I saw a tape of everybody’s favorite lib, Bill Clinton, yesterday in which he proclaimed that Social Security was a crisis and that it would be "immoral" to leave the problem to "our children and our children’s children". Now, I’m not usually one to look to Bill Clinton for moral advice, but I agree with him in this instance.

(And, of course, his moral character comes shining through when you notice that he spoke about it constantly but, of course, never actually lifted a finger to fix the problem. His followers chanted "Save Social Security First" like religous fanatics for months. And I thought that only...um, religous fanatics...did stuff like that. If Bill ever serves Kool-Aid at any of his Chinese fundraising dinners, DON'T DRINK IT!!!)

But now every Democrat in Washington, and all of the libs in the country, are saying that there is no crisis. There’s actually a lefty web site called, what else, "There is no Crisis" that uses the usual convoluted liberal game of statistical "Twister" to say that the crisis never was.

Again, they've completely forgotten what they were all saying yesterday! It is classic "1984" doublespeak.

So what the hell were they howling about all through the late 90’s? Could it be that they were just trying to get the newly Republican dominated Congress to raise taxes to fix the problem so the Left could say, " See? You guys raise taxes, too! Nyeah, nyeah, told ya so! ". Because their solution to everything is to raise taxes, it never occurred to them that the Right would come up with a different plan, ala "private accounts". In their childish, limited world-view and with their usual lack of linking ability and foresight, it blew up in their faces.

So now there is no longer a crisis because we won’t do it their way and because their hated enemy, George Bush, would get credit for fixing it. Who cares whether it will help "our children and our children’s children", "I wanna do it my way and I won’t let that big dummy Bush win even if I have to take my ball, go home and ruin the whole game for everybody"!

Tell me they’re not children.

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