Friday, February 18, 2005

Friends of Hillary

The left continually calls President Bush and his administration corrupt, lying scum.

Now Hillary is trying to restore the right of convicted felons to vote. Who do you think that they're going to vote for if she succeeds?

Bush is a scumbag, yet Hillary is using her position as a United States Senator to manipulate the election system to her own advantage. And the left adores her.

Granted, if she could get felons their voting rights back, a lot of her friends and business associates could vote for her again, but that doesn't justify what she's doing.

Does anyone believe that she's doing this to "restore dignity" to convicted felons who have "paid their debt to society"? I think it's much more likely that she sees a few million votes sitting there and she knows that 99.9% of them won't be voting for Republicans.

The Democrats have no shame and no sense of embarrassment. Wouldn't you be kind of embarrassed to have the world know that convicted criminals are some of your biggest fans? But to hell with dignity, as long as they have power.

How they can attack Bush as immoral is astonishing.

Hillary is known to have defended murderous Black Panthers, gladly worked for known communists, covered up for her philandering husband for years just to keep power, tried to institute a socialist system of health care which would have made the Canadian system look good, she had her fingers deep into a financial fiasco called Whitewater which also led to Filegate and the investigation into the collapse of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan which we taxpayers had to bail out, she moved into New York and months later ran for the Senate (didn't Democrats castigate Alan Keyes for doing the same thing in Illinois?) which all sounds bad enough but, when you dig into the details of it all, is even more sickening than it sounds.

But they call Bush corrupt and, as usual, don't see any hypocrisy.

When you try to point this stuff out to them, they just talk louder so you can't make your point. It's no different than a child putting his hands over his ears and going, "LALALALAL!" because he doesn't want to hear what you're saying.

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