Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bush lied (so I've been told)

For more than four years now we've been told that Bush is a corrupt liar. He's been manipulating the system to help his buddies in "Big Business" and "Big Oil".

According to the Democrats he's been undermining the Constitution and breaking the law since before he took office in 2001.

One question: why have there been no investigations of him or his administration?

Do you think that it's because the Democrats are just such nice people that they don't want to cause a fuss? Yeah, right. These are the same people who reguarly call him a Nazi (even though they have no idea what the Nazis stood for, which we'll get to).

By Bill Clinton's 5th year in office, his Presidency had been mired in scandal after scandal for years.

Don't you think that if the Democrats had one shred of evidence that anything they accuse him of was actually true that they'd pounce on it?

We Republicans may have been disgusted by the Clintons, but the Democrats hate George Bush.

(Have you noticed that the formerly common phrase "hate-filled Republicans" seems to have disappeared? Could it be because the Dems have given us way too much ammunition to fire back at them?)

The Democrat party has nothing to formally accuse Bush of because, unlike the Clinton era, Bush's is the "most ethical administration this country has ever seen".

If they had something, they'd use it. But, just like their policies, they have nothing other than accusations that they can't back up.

- The Exile

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  1. "These are the same people who regularly call him a Nazi"

    What you need to relax is to watch a great game of Leftie Baseball.