Friday, January 28, 2005

The liver's got to go soon...

Teddy Kennedy. My God, what can be said about this guy?

He calls Condoleeza Rice, Bush, Cheney and all the rest "liars".

This is a guy who got drunk, picked up a piece of tail, drove off a bridge because of his drunkeness, abandoned this woman and let her drown, crawled out of the water and disappeared until he sobered up enough to speak with the authorities.

To this day he will maintain that he was only giving Mary Jo a ride home and that he wasn't drunk.

But he's not a liar. Just ask him.

And now he trashes the elections in Iraq, three days before they happen.

These elections may be what's needed to stop attacks which are killing Iraqi civilians every day. But Teddy Kennedy is opposing them for no reason other than his hatred of George Bush. Like all of the Democrats in Washington, he continuously speaks of his work "for the people", but he's perfectly willing to let Iraqi people die to further his party's agenda and to satisfy his vendetta against Bush.

What would happen if we were to pull our troops out? There would be a civil war and a blood-bath, that's what.

These terrorists (not insurgents) would sit back and wait for us to leave. They'd hang out in Syria and Iran and just wait for us to bail out. Then they'd come in shooting. We'd have a new Saddam Hussein in power and have to deal with the bullshit all over again. Not to mention the thousands upon thousands of people who would die in that civil war.

But Teddy is perfectly willing to sacrifice those people just to satisfy his ego. He has been driven absolutely mad by watching his party lose power and the people who are his exact ideological opposite gaining that power.

He feels that that power is his birthright and, that by some fluke, it has been taken away from him by a bunch of pretenders!

What he is doing is treason.

He's harming our troops by giving these terrorists a reason to keep fighting. They'll only stop when they realize that we will never leave until they give up, whether that takes two years or 200 years.

It's been 60 years since we sent troops into Germany. We're still there. It's been 50 years since we sent troops into Korea. We're still there.

But, less than two years after we went into Iraq, this buffoon is saying that we should get out.

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