Friday, September 23, 2005

Like, You are so Totally Ignorant (Update)

While picking up my daughter from school for the last week or so, I've noticed a car in the parking lot with its rear-end smashed in.

Written in purple magic marker on the damaged part of the car was this brilliant statement: "Some ignorant drunk driver ran into me!"

Out of curiosity, I was tempted to figure out who's car this was, but I decided that it was obvious who this person was, at least in the broad sense.

The use of the word "ignorant" told me everything that I needed to know."

Ignorant" is the new word of the Left. It is their substitute for calling somebody a "big dummy" like most children would.

Every comment that I've ever left on a Lefty blog has, eventually, called me "ignorant". It just sounds more sophisticated than calling someone a "dumb-dumb", I guess. Or it would if they didn't all suddenly start using it at once.

Add to the equation that they are so insecure that they don't want anyone to believe that they backed into something (i.e. it's not my fault!) and we have everything we need to know.

I'd bet that whomever owns this car is a) female, b) a college attendee, c) a true-believer in Left-wing causes and d) clueless about how the real world works.

I'll eventually figure it out and let you know if I'm right.

UPDATE: I found out who owns this car. She's actually one of my daughter's daycare providers.

As I guessed above, she's a female college attendee from California who is, maybe, 20 years old. I haven't discussed politics with her but, judging by her clothes and piercings, I'd bet that she isn't a Conservative.

Thank you. It's a gift.

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