Friday, September 09, 2005

And Now, Yet Even More Random Musings

I'm sure that my regular readers have noticed that I haven't posted much this week. It's that time of year in Minnesota when it suddenly dawns on you that there'll be snow on the ground in a couple of months and you have to get moving on all of your projects before they're, literally, buried.

Add to that the fact that it's been Monkey Girl's first week back in school, and I've been busier than a Lefty trying to pin a scandal on George Bush (and, if I may brag a little, Monkey Girl is reading at a 5th grade level. Not bad for a 1st grader, eh?).

I haven't had time to listen to the radio much, or read all of the stuff that I usually read or, for that matter, think a whole lot about politics.

So, instead of anything long, deep and substantial (watch it!), I give you this:

- The German people were held responsible for not stopping Hitler. After the death camps were liberated, the people in the communities surrounding the camps were made to bury the dead inmates and witness the atrocities that they pretended weren’t happening.

Why can’t the Muslims be held responsible for not policing their community? There is no unified, clear, unabashed denouncement of the terrorists in their midst. They know who the terrorists are. Not turning them in is no different than the people living around the death camps pretending that they didn’t know what was happening.

- Yes, it would be nice if “mainstream” Muslims were to denounce the terrorists, but it would also be nice if they’d denounce the holy war to take over the Christian West. It would be nice if they denounced the stoning of women who have been raped. It would be nice if they’d denounce intentionally blowing up innocent women and children. I don't expect them to jump right to the 21st century, but it would be nice if they could at least make it to the 19th.

- The “progressive” Left has aligned itself with a 14th century religion.

- After watching NARAL and NOW’s reactions to John Roberts’ nomination to the Supreme Court, I’m a bit bewildered. Don’t you think that these two groups, more than any others, would want to stay away from the “hysterical female” stereotype?

- 90% of Democrats hate being called “Liberals”. 90% Republicans have no problem being called “Conservatives”. Why? Because Democrats don’t want to be associated, at least in public, with Liberal stances on the issues. They're embarassed.

Republicans, on the other hand, are perfectly comfortable with the Conservative stance on issues. We believe in what we stand for because we're not doing it just to feel good about ourselves or to get attention.

- The Left loves to scare people with the “religious extremists who are taking over our country”. But, they exclude all religions other than Christianity from that statement, be they Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Moonie. Wouldn’t it be easier to just say the “Christians who are taking over our country"? That is, after all, what they mean.

- The Left's politics dictate their values.
The Right's values dictate their politics.
Think about that.

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