Monday, September 26, 2005

I Am Outraged. No, Really!

Can you believe that those jackbooted fascist representatives of the Bush regime have arrested Cindy Sheehan and imprisoned her in their gulag?

I shudder to think what she must have went through in their torture chamber. Based on their standard operating procedure, they must have made her sit in a holding cell for a few minutes until she paid the $50 fine. Oh, the horror of it all! What a courageous sacrifice this woman has made!

What the hell is wrong with these morons? While Cindy was being arrested, they sat and chanted, "The whole world is watching." I'm pretty sure that the rest of the chant got drowned out in the hysteria: "The whole world is watching us make fools of ourselves."

How could any thinking person actually take these people seriously? Their craving for attention is so obvious to anyone who knows anything about human nature.

They are idiots, every last one of them. I don't mean idiots in the "dummy" sense that they use it. I mean that they are truly and honestly stupid. If you can't make the connection between America fighting wars and your right to speak against your government, you are a fool.

Just as in most of the major wars that America has fought, what we are fighting for in Iraq is the ability to remain free to call President Bush a "fascist", if we so desire.

If we don't fight this war in Iraq or Afghanistan, where should we fight it? "Nowhere!", says the Leftist fool. And, eventually, these people would have the same right to protest that they do in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or any other Islamic country. In other words, none.

That is such an easy concept. Why can't they understand it? What do they think would happen if we quit fighting? Like the children that they are, they can't think that far ahead. They just want what they want, and the consequences are too complicated for them to comprehend. They are mindless, frightened sheep who say whatever their leaders tell them to say.

They don't love America, but I don't think that they hate it, either. Both concepts are just too complex for them. The concepts of love and hate in these people are no more complex than a small child's love of mommy or hatred of a bully. It's purely emotional, with no logic involved.

To love America is to love a concept. An idea. Yes, it's emotional, but that emotion is based on a knowledge of the almost(?) miraculous coming together of people, events and ideas that resulted in the outrageous idea that a people could be the masters of their leaders. It's not based on the childish concept of love, which is whether something makes you feel "good" or "bad". To love America, you have to be able to appreciate a very complicated concept, and that's way beyond these people.

America isn't perfect. Nothing is. But America is light-years closer to perfection than their beloved Communism, which is itself a very childish and unrealistic idea (i.e. everybody has to share everything with me).

I'd bet that 98% of those on the Left have never given any real thought as to what would happen if we were to quit fighting.

The other 2% are the more intelligent (but no less childlike) of them, and they really do hate America. They are the ones who would like to see America fail, so that their infantile form of government could be implemented. They think that everything should be shared equally, although they would be more equal than the rest because they would be the ones running things and, therefore, would get a larger share of the "equal" sharing (got that?).

Like anyone else on the Left, they can't see the link between their own greed and hunger for power, and the fact that Communism always fails because of those very corruptions. They cannot see the logic. Like a kid crying for a candy bar before dinner, no thought is given to whether it would be a good thing or not.

It's what they want, so it has to be right.

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