Friday, September 02, 2005

How Low Can They Go?

Apparently, according to the Left, any time a hurricane approaches an American coastline during a Republican administration, we need to have 50,000 National Guard troops in a sprinter's position just outside of the hurricane zone waiting to rush in.

We need to have enough food and water stockpiled on the borders of Gulf Coast states to feed at least 2 million people for months, and we need to get it moving even before the hurricane has dissipated.

We need to do this every time a hurricane approaches the coast for the next 200 years, or until the next time it happens, even though it would be a massive waste of resources.

I predicted this on the day that the storm hit (8/29).

However, I have a prediction: if massive aid isn't in place on the Gulf coast by midnight tonight, the Left will say that Bush was dragging his feet and didn't get federal aid there in a timely manner.

This is a perfect example of the Left's entire mindset. New Orleans is a massively Democrat city. They expected someone else (e.g. the Federal Government, i.e. you and me) to take care of them. The mayor of N.O. is whining because the Federal Government took a few days to react to something that shocked fucking everyone! What did the city of New Orleans do for themselves? Not a goddamned thing from what I can see. What did the state of Louisiana do? Shit. They sat and waited for the Federal Government to fix their problem.

How many times in the past have hurricanes come at the Gulf Coast? At least 3 times every year. How in the hell was George Bush supposed to know that this was going to wipe out one of America's largest cities?

The answer is, he couldn't know. Nor could anyone else. But the Left, including the MSM, of course, will politicize anything if it may give them an advantage.

What a bunch of absolute...I really can't even find the words to describe people who would use this horror for nothing more than political advantage. I can't even put together a long string of expletives that would express it properly, and I'm a trained professional.

The Left is lower than scum. To politicize something like this is even lower than I imagined that they could go. There is, literally, nothing that transcends their absolute addiction to power.

That scares the hell out of me. These are the same people who think that Joseph Stalin wasn't such a bad guy, even after he killed enough people to make Hitler look like a piker.

Their channel to power is through the Democrat party. They're already doing a pretty good job of it by themsleves, but we need to destroy the Democrat party forever.

How can we do that? In another post back in January, I laid out the case for running Condoleeza Rice for President against Hillary. It would be a sure thing, and would take away almost every position that the Democrats and Hillary would be running on.

If this disaster shows us anything, it should show us that the people running the Democrat party are no better than crack addicts looking for their power fix.

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