Sunday, July 29, 2007

You've (Finally) Got a Friend

Thank God that somebody invented the word "buffoon", or we'd have to figure out a way to describe Michael Moore.

Watch a video of one of this fool's speeches sometimes if you have only seen clips and interviews on TV or snippets of his movies.

The impression that I always get is that he's not terribly bright, but he's at least marginally more intelligent than the vast majority of his audience. And those who do out-watt him in the intelligence department want to believe everything that he says anyway.

I've heard him described as "brilliant" many, many times. His supposed brilliance, like the vast majority of those on the Left, really has nothing to do with intelligence. It is more of a low, cunning, animal cleverness that is reminiscent of the brutes who used to run the Soviet Union (and apparently are, once again).

It's not intelligence in the 'thinking' sense. It's a completely calculated position taken by Leftists for no other reason than getting people to pay attention to them. Moore, like all of the misfits on the Left, figured out early in life how to get people to pay attention to him, if not actually like him.

After all, in their self-hating minds, nobody was ever going to like them, so just getting somebody to acknowledge their existence was the best that they could hope for.

It's so easy to see what drives these people: just think about the half-dozen or so kids in your school who seemed to do everything that they could to piss off the "normal" kids in school. They were usually sullen, depressed slobs who had absolutely no social skills whatsoever. They were sneering, arrogant, nasty little creatures who hated everyone and everything associated with "normal" kids.

Because of their personalities, they had no friends...and couldn't figure out why. They just resented everyone for not accepting them as they were. It never occurred to them to ask why anyone would ever want to hang around with somebody like themselves. It also never occurred to them to clean themselves up, try to be decent human-beings and be social. In their eyes, they were "the underdog", and everyone else was just stupid and didn't understand their brilliant, singular outlook on life. The rest of the kids were "sheep".

Fast-forward 10, 20...50 years, and you have Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnel, Noam Chomsky and many thousands of lesser-known Leftists. They are nothing more than the traumatized, resentful children that they were back in school. They never grew up, and the vast majority of them never will.

The only difference is that, after they got out of high school, they found other misfits who were just as hate-filled and resentful as they were.

Throughout their childhoods, they told themselves that they really had no desire to belong to any "clique". They didn't need other people. They were the "lone-wolves". In other words, they lied to themselves (just as they're able to lie to themselves today).

But, once they found a bunch of people whose personalties exactly matched theirs, they discarded every little bit of that thinking and grabbed on to that group of fellow misfits with a death-grip.

"I HAVE FRIENDS!!!" Not knowing what true friendship (or the loyalty that it brings) really is, they figured that the people who had suffered through the same humiliations of life that they had were...friends. And, if not, at least they weren't alone any more.

And so, they were self-inducted into the philosophy that fit them so well: all-encompassing fairness, equality, lack of prejudice and oppression...all enforced with the power of the government.

And, in addition to that, bringing down the system of the "normal kids" (i.e. America) couldn't be more suited to their mindset. They would destroy the normal, age-old sense of community for no other reason than they, personally, couldn't figure out how to operate in that community.

It's been said that "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder" (I have the T-shirt), but it usually seems to be said in a half-joking way. I assure you that it's not a joke.

Liberalism/Progressivism/Leftism/Socialism/Communism...whatever the mainstream Democrats want to call themselves nowadays, they are nothing more than seriously disturbed children who have gained power in our system.

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