Sunday, July 08, 2007

A New Reason to Panic!

What if the Global Warmingists have their way and they overdo it (as Leftists are known to do)? What if, through their hysteria and panic, their ideas for stopping global warming work too well? What if they send us back into another ice age?

And all of those hydrogen-powered cars that they're talking about? What comes out of the tailpipe? Water!!! If we have millions of these things driving around, won't all of that excess water raise sea-levels? Why, the next thing we know, Manhattan will be under water!!! And frozen!!!

Oh, sure, we can't be sure that it'll happen, but what if there's even a chance that it will? Aren't we obligated, for our children's and grandchildren's sake to do something about it before it becomes a reality?

What we need to do is to find a bunch of scientists whose own self-interests demand that they come to a "consensus". We need to declare the Global Cooling debate over, and stigmatize anyone who disagrees as Global Cooling deniers!!!

There is no time to waste. We need to grill more, fart more, not tune up our SUV's and lower the tire pressure so that they get worse mileage! We need to endlessly lobby the legislatures to enact anti-global-cooling laws. We need to quit recycling. We need to remove the air-scrubbing equipment from our coal plants and have them burn the most dirty coal that they can find!

If we don't act now, most of the world will be a skating rink in 50 years! The debate is over!!!

Do it for the children!

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