Sunday, July 15, 2007

That's NOT the Point!

One thing that we Conservatives just cannot seem to stop doing is debating the Left on their talking points instead of the real reason behind their positions.

The Left lies. Constantly. Non-stop. Always. Its not even a matter of "if their lips are moving". If they're thinking...they're lying. Because they have repeated the Leftist talking points to themselves so often that they have forgotten (if they ever really knew) the real reason for their positions on everything.

  • Gun control: They argue this point in terms of accidental shootings and crime statistics and crazy, right-wingers who snap and kill their entire family (although they have yet to come up with an actual case of that ever happening).

    And we, on the Right bring up our own statistics belying their statistics about accidental shootings, showing that crime actually goes down with an armed populace and asking them to show one single episode of a verified right-winger snapping and killing anyone with a gun.

    Stop it!

    You know what is really behind their hatred of you and me being able to lawfully posess firearms. If you have any political leanings at all, you know that their hatred of guns has nothing to do with crime, murder or any of their other objections to them. That would mean that they actually cared about something or someone other than their political goals.

    They don't want you and me to have guns because as long as we citizens are armed, they have no chance of ever implementing their Socialist Utopia upon us. When there are a few-hundred-million guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, they know that their precious, childish dreams of "revolution" will never happen.

    We know that!!! So why do we keep arguing against their camouflage? Why? Knock it off!

    The proper procedure for arguing against a Lefty when she starts crying alligator tears about people dying from handguns is to ridicule the fact that she might actually care about people dying. Remember: these are the same people who have killed 100 million (and still counting) people in the past century. They don't care about inner-city (Libspeak for blacks) kids killing each other. The ones who kill each other aren't likely voters, anyway.

    No, what they care about is tens-of-millions of well-armed citizens who would crush them if they ever decided to try to really play "revolution".

  • And the same applies to every one of their positions.

  • Abortion: The Left's obsession with abortion has nothing to do with "a woman's right to choose" or "the health of the mother". It has everything to do with obstructing their march toward Communism. That's why NOW didn't even seem embarrassed at their hypocrisy over supporting serial-adulterer and probable-rapist Bill Clinton. For any Leftist organization, their stated objective has nothing to do with their real political goal.

    Stop arguing with them about it. Call them out for being the liars that they are.

  • Homosexuality: Again, it's about nothing more than destroying the American family, which is what holds this country together, and destroying the norms that have made this country into the greatest nation ever.

    Sure, you may love the person that you're having sex with. It's possible that you might even give your life for them. But it's much more likely that you're going to do those things for your children and the parent of your children.
    • Taxes: "We need to raise taxes so that we can take care of the less fortunate" is the usual Leftist spew. Again, these are the people who killed 100 million (and counting) people. Why does anyone really believe that they care about anything other than power?

      If you have the money to take care of yourself, you don't need them.
    We all know this. All of us. If you care enough to have a political blog, or to read a political blog, you know that this is true. From "animal-rights" to illegal aliens to global warming, we need to quit arguing about whether the science behind it is true...because we know that it isn't!

    When they speak of "global warming", we need to point out that they couldn't care less about global warming. We need to emphatically state that their goal is nothing more than a clumsy power-grab.

    Quit arguing the "facts" with these people because, not only are their "facts" wrong, but they don't even care that they're wrong.

    As Marx said, they're just a means to an end.

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