Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Feel Your Pain

Those on the Left are constantly trying to demonstrate their empathy for others for one simple reason: they don’t have any. They feel nothing for anyone…except themselves.

That may sound like nothing more than a statement designed to dehumanize an enemy, but it’s not. It’s a simple, demonstrable statement of fact.

They lack one of the basic elements of the human soul: the ability to care about others. Their self-centeredness is total. And somewhere, deep, down inside, they know that they’re not whole, which is why they strive so hard to show that they are. They don’t want others (or themselves) to think of them as freaks.

Perhaps that’s why Marxism flourished the way that it did. In theory, Marxism showed compassion for everyone by making all people equal and eliminating want and need in the world.

If you lack the inner ability to feel empathy for your fellow human beings, what better way to try to fill the void than to join a political movement that will fill it for you?

The problem is, lacking the ability to understand the basic human ability to feel for others also leaves a person unable to understand basic human nature.

And so, Marxism (aka Socialism, aka Progressivism, aka Leftism, aka Communism), while a wonderful theory, is doomed to failure every time that it’s tried. Unless the Left can find a few billion people in which nobody wants to have power over others, it can never work. Unless they can find all of those people, and none of them have any tendency to abuse that power, it will always fail.

Unfortunately those who are attracted to Leftism, the very people who want to run other people’s lives, who want power at any cost whatsoever, are also those who lack empathy for their fellow human beings.

They join the Leftist movement to make the world a Utopia, and that Utopia always ends up slaughtering millions of people. Always. Over 100 million people in the last century…and still counting in this century. Because they really have no concept of the actual, very real suffering of other people. To the self-centered Left, other people are mere objects. Pictures, words on a piece of paper, newspaper stories, TV shows, movies, videos.

They are so obsessed with their own self-hatred and suffering in this world that they cannot feel for anyone else.

And so you have the cold-blooded slaughters that have taken place during every Leftist “revolution” (aka political coup). Every one. There has never been a Leftist revolution in which many, many people have been tortured and murdered.

You have “Uncle Joe” Stalin starving millions of Ukrainians to death, murdering and torturing millions of his own citizens and then quipping “The death of one person is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic”. There’s some empathy for you.

Most of the Left today “acknowledges” that Stalin was a blood-thirsty murderer, but only because to do otherwise would make put them in the same monstrous category as him. They supported him throughout his entire reign of terror and for long afterward; until it became politically unviable to do so.

It may have been looked on as an aberration born of ignorance, but the same thing happened with Mao Tse Tsung in China. Also with Castro and Che in Cuba. And Ho Chi Min in Vietnam. Let’s not forget Pol Pot in Cambodia, either.

The Left didn’t want us to fight Hitler until he turned against the Soviet Union.

The Left forced us out of Vietnam because of politics. Millions died.

The Left talks endlessly at the United Nations about what to do in Sudan. The death-toll is well on the way to a million and there’s no indication that anything will be done soon.

The Left passed resolution after resolution in the U.N. telling Sadaam Hussein to stop slaughtering people. Nothing was actually done. Hussein continued to torture and kill hundreds-of-thousands of people for 12 more years.

Now the Left wants us to abandon Iraq, once again for nothing more than political advantage, knowing full well that it will result in an absolute slaughterhouse.

The Left has condemned millions of minorities in this country to lives of dependence, misery and premature death through their social policies, and they refuse to admit their failure for the simple fact that it would hurt their egos and they would have to admit that they did it for no other reason than to try to make themselves believe that they really do care about other people.

And yet, these people who supported the murder of over one-hundred-million people, and who are well on the way to letting millions more die, these people who have consigned probably a billion people to lives of misery and deprivation, want us to believe that they are the ones who “care” about people. That they are the ones who have empathy for their fellow man.

What’s truly frightening is that they actually believe it.

No wonder they hate Conservatives so much. If those on the Left can let hundreds-of-millions die, how much worse must their political enemies be?

And there you have their belief that Conservatives are actually out to destroy the entire world.

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