Thursday, July 19, 2007


An anonymous source, whom we'll call 'John Thomas', has informed me that there are some very disturbing practices being perpetuated at abortion clinics in this country:

While I was an intern at various abortion clinics I witnessed some things that can only be described as horrific.

At one particular clinic it was a common practice to drape the umbilical cords from aborted babies around one's neck and ask the interns, "How do you like my tie?" The laughter was always uproarious. One nurse even suggested that we put the video on YouTube.

At another clinic in the Midwest I witnessed doctors playing soccer with the corpses of recently aborted babies on the slick, tiled floor of the operating room. They had the tiny hands of the fetuses mounted on sticks on each side of the room and would keep score by raising a finger of one of the hands whenever one would score a goal.

The Left would, of course, scoff at that "anonymous", unsourced story. But somehow, ridiculous unsourced stories by anonymous "soldiers" from Iraq, seem perfectly plausible to them.

But they "support the troops"... don't they?

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