Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We Don't Have to Do What We Promised

The Democrats can’t afford to wait until September (you know, like they agreed to do) when Gen. Petraeus’ report on the Iraqi surge is due.

The full strength of the surge troops has only just arrived, and we are making amazing progress there.

If they wait until September, the good news (bad news, for them) will get out no matter how hard the MSM tries to suppress it. And, if that happens, the American people may actually get excited. There's nothing we like more than a good comeback when all looks hopeless.

They are in complete panic mode. Hence their “Pull-out-of-Iraq-Bill-of-the-Week” behavior. Their behavior is (surprise!) exactly childlike: “Well, when we agreed to wait until September we didn’t actually think that it was going to work!” I'm waiting for Harry the Re(i)d to say that he had his fingers crossed.

It’s no different than when the voters in my great state of Minnesota elected Jesse (The Mind is a Terrible Thing) Ventura as governor: Nice going, people. You just elected a (bunch of) 6-year-old(s).

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