Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We Care. No...Really!

The Left wants to destroy the healthcare system in this country. As with all Leftist movements, they want everyone to be equally miserable…except for themselves, of course.

The Kool-aid mixers (as opposed to the Kool-aid drinkers) have to look around the world and see what government-run healthcare does to the system. They have to know that it dooms many, many people to long waits, thus prolonging the pain that they must endure. From waiting for hours to get treatment for a broken bone, to waiting month after painful month for more complex procedures such as heart surgery or joint replacement, the patient is forced, by the very people who claim to care about them, to suffer needlessly. And many of them suffer for all of those months only to die before they can get help.

And those on the Left, those who claim to be the “compassionate” among us, couldn’t care less about all of the pain that millions of people will needlessly endure, because socialized healthcare serves as a means to many of their ends.

First of all, it gives them what every Leftist/Democrat craves most: Power over vast numbers of other people. And this wouldn’t be just any power…this would be the power of life-and-death over 300 million people. No drug, no sexual experience, nothing could possibly ever equal the experience of wielding that kind of power if you’re a Lefty. If the pharmaceutical industry could synthesize that feeling into drug form, every Left-winger on this earth would be an instant addict.

But, of course, under the Socialist healthcare system that drug could never be made, because the pharmaceutical companies would have no incentive to invent it.

Personally, I think that the market for prescription drugs is grossly distorted due to the insurance companies’ willingness to pay whatever cost the drug makers demand and pass the cost (and then some) on to the employer/employee’s health plan, but that’s another discussion.

But if the Lefties have their way, they will strip all profit motive from the pharmaceutical companies, because they know that even their beloved Church of the Federal Government couldn’t afford to give away free drugs…even if those companies made only modest profits. Drugs, like healthcare itself, will have to be rationed.

And you can forget about any new drugs. How many helpful drugs did the Soviet Union or China come up with? Why would the drug companies bother pouring billions into developing new drugs if they’re not going to make any profit from it?

And so, the Left will force millions more to suffer and die because of lack of what are now common drugs and because few, if any, new drugs will be created.

But the Democrats, the Leftists, don’t care about anyone else’s pain and suffering. They just want to control. They want to “screw the corporations”. Only they should have that kind of power! Because, of course, only they know how to use that power. Hey, look at how well welfare, Social Security, Medicare, etc. have turned out!

One more way that a Communist medical system advances the agenda of the Left, who worship death in every form (abortion, euthanasia, etc.), is the fact that many more people would die early and/or unnecessarily.

To those on the Left, every death is to be celebrated (unless it’s Matthew Shepard or an AIDS “victim” or a murderer on death-row) because the world is overpopulated. Paul Ehrlich's The Population Bomb dressed up a Leftist fantasy as a prediction when he “predicted” that hundreds of millions would die because of overpopulation.

And it’s really no wonder why the Left wants so many people to die: If you can reduce the population by n%, that’s just that many fewer people that their Church of the Federal Government has to take care of. Of course, it never occurs to them that they’d have n% fewer people producing things for their economy. That would require one thing that the Children of the Left have always lacked: The ability to make logical conclusions.

The Left is obsessed with Government-ru(i)n(ed) healthcare. Anyone who thought that it had gone away with Hillary’s “humiliating” defeat in 1993 has forgotten one thing: to be humiliated, one has to have a sense of humility. And to have humility, you have to believe that there is a power greater than yourself.

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