Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well, That Didn't Help

So Michael Vick has suddenly found God.

That was stupid.

To those of a religious persuasion, it was an insult that he should have a sudden "death row conversion" when his career was on the line. It was about as believable as the huge 50 pound mega-Bible that Bill Clinton used to carry around so that the cameras didn't think that he was carrying a copy of Hustler out of church.

And for the atheistic Left, the mere mention of the "G-word" was enough to doom him in the Liberal MSM. He'll never get another word of sympathy from them. I'm sure that they didn't believe him either, but he brought religion up on national TV, where some hick might actually believe him and look into that whole "God thing" for themselves. After all, if these people are stupid enough to watch football instead of bad off-Broadway plays, they can be easily duped into anything!

No, Michael, the correct play would have been to make a huge donation to PETA as penance for harming an animal, and then buy a Prius and profess your devotion to "the savior" Al Gore.

They still wouldn't believe you, but that doesn't matter. They don't really believe in any of it themselves. The important thing would be the money and the publicity for the "cause" of Global Warming, which is how they get otherwise semi-rational adults to pay attention to them.

If Vick had done that, he would have been an instant hero. All of his cruelties to those poor dogs would have been thrown down the memory hole never to be seen in the MSM again. The next time you saw a newspaper story about this episode would be a small paragraph on page 28 of the classified section.

And, if his football career went down the tubes, I'm sure that Pope Al would appoint him as Archbishop of Georgia. After all, Al Gore made $100 million with his new church. An NFL quarterback's salary looks like chump-change next to that.

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