Thursday, August 02, 2007

Liberal Templates

I've heard Scott Thomas Beauchamp compared to John Kerry for being a veteran who attacked his fellow soldiers and accused them of war atrocities.

What I haven't heard is the comparison between the two for joining the military for nothing more than their own self-aggrandizement.

Beauchamp joined the military so that he could "write a book".

Kerry joined the military to polish his credentials for his planned run for political office.

It's obvious that they were both your typical military-hating Leftists. There is no reason that either of them would have joined the military other than to gain credibility and stave off any criticism in their planned careers. And a huge part of that plan included sucking up to the Left by attacking their former brethren in the armed forces. They both knew that the Liberals were (and are today) desperately in need of military figures who would criticize the current war. And they both knew that the Liberals would ignore their obvious lies (Christmas in Cambodia, anyone?) and embrace them if they did that.

We know all about John Kerry and his lies. He has been completely discredited in everyone's mind except the Kool-aid drinkers, which includes a majority of Massachusetts voters.

But Mr. Beauchamp is another story. And that story is already being swept under the rug by the MSM.

Read this guy's Blogger blog, and you'll see that this guy had absolutely no reason to join the military. None. He's your typical, arrogant faux-intellectual Liberal who seems to like culture for no other reason than to say, "Look how cultured I am!".

In fact, if I didn't know that he married a gal from The New Republic (the very magazine in which his bogus "reports" from Iraq were published), I'd say that he was a beneficiary of Bill Clinton's "don't-ask-don't-tell" policy.

Here's a sample of his writing:

Sliced writsts recovering from barbwire night mission in a furnished 1600's bedroom window open to the stars strained notes The Magic Flute from further down the hall when I'm off work early she brings me coffee and a fresh stack of freshly pressed laundry while struggling through The World According to Garp auf Deutsch...warum? you are a citizen of the world, son, so she rents a car to take me to Bamberg this weekend and maybe plane tickets to London the next because through a month of silence and guilt and regret, reciting the Zarathustra quote over and over in your head, "I've always carried a disdain for creatures who considered themselves kind merely because they were clawless"..and you "get it" and you "understand" and you see yourself maybe not for the first time and finally a perfect rearrival of yourself, doch, ja, meine mereshweinkin ist sehr schon...die Welt ist you come to terms with the past or accept it or apologize and bow or cut free and run...

Yeah. There's a guy who was just aching to join the military and kick some Al Qaeda ass.

And, speaking of his wife, I wonder how she feels now that she's found out that this lying fool claimed that Conservative German blogger Claudia Heym was his girlfriend. Note that the pictures on both blogs are the same ones. This guy copied and pasted himself a beautiful German girlfriend!

Like the Liberal child that he is, even though he planned to be rich and famous, he thought that nobody would dig his lies up. Just like the Liberal child John Kerry thought that nobody would dig his lies up.

They're liars, they're fools and, despite their pretensions of intellectualism, they are stupid. They are no different than the vast, vast majority of Liberals.

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