Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No Wonder They're Confused

A 1990 survey* by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference found that one-third of black American churchgoers believed that AIDS was a form of genocide. One-third also believed that HIV was produced in a germ-warfare lab, and 40 percent of black college students in Washington, D.C., agreed.

Bush details increased AID package for Africa.

Apparently, after 40 years of listening to Democrats tell them how "victimized" they are, the blacks in this country have gotten a bit confused. Could it be that they believe that Bush is detailing his genocidal plans for Africa in major policy speeches?

Yes, it's just a joke. But if they believe some of the things that are detailed in that article, it wouldn't surprise me much if they did believe that (I particularly like the part about how the first President of the United States was a black man).

You really need to read that article. The people who wrote it, who are black, were actually fired from their talk-radio jobs for pointing out the fact that those conspiracy-theories were ridiculous. The black "community" is even more screwed up than is apparent from the MSM's softball treatment of the subject.

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