Friday, August 03, 2007

Hillary's Presidency

I don't have a crystal ball, but my gut-feeling is that, come January 2009, we will be calling Hillary Clinton "Madame President" (although, given her sensibilities, she may insist on Ms. President).

Will that be a disaster for this country? Most assuredly. But think about what will happen when this woman, who once assured us that her husband's administration would be the "most ethical administration in history" obtains the ultimate power.

Bill Clinton wanted power for power's sake. Once he got it, he really didn't care to do much with it. He just wanted the jet-setting lifestyle, the hobnobbing with rich, important people, the money and, of course, to get laid. I always got the sense that Hillary was more angry at him for not instituting a bloodless, Leftist "revolution" than she was about him screwing every woman who got within groping distance.

Bill Clinton was a slacker party-boy. Hillary is a true believer in the Socialist dream.

Hillary has all of the marks of your Leftist dictator: the unquenchable thirst for more and more power, the paranoia, the greed, the narcissism, the naked hatred of her opponents, the unflinching willingness to go to any length to destroy people who stand in her way, the arrogance to believe that her way is the only way and that she can completely change 40,000 years of human nature in a few, short years.

If you look at the years of Bill Clinton's Presidency, other than the sexual escapades, you can see Hillary's fingerprints on all of the scandals. From the Rose Law Firm billing records, to the gathering of FBI files relating to their opponents, to the firing of the White House travel office staff, to Whitewater, to the illegal fundraising, to the last-minute pardons, to the theft of White House belongings...she seems to be the one who was pushing all of this stuff while Bill seemed to be pliant and willing to just go along with it as long as nobody interfered with his fun. In fact, I've often wondered whether that was one of the things that Hillary liked about Bill: his willingness to let her play politics while he just played.

Yes, Hillary caught a lot of flack for all of the above, and more. But it was all filtered through Bill because he was the one who had been elected. She could have been indicted in a criminal court for a lot of that stuff, but going after the First Lady of the United States would have been political suicide for the Republican Party.

Now flash forward to 2009. Hillary is now the elected President of the United States. The "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" is now doing all that they can to stop her from implementing her Socialist dream on this country. They are criticizing her relentlessly. They are questioning her motives and catching her in her lies. They are threatening to take away her power base. What does she do?

She does what she's always done.

She first tries to destroy her enemies. And, as we've seen before, there's a very good chance that not all of her methods will be legal.

She will be desperate to get her policies pushed through. Even more than Bill, I think, she is the one obsessed with the Clinton legacy. In addition, she actually believes that her policies are what's best for the future of the Democrat Party...err... America. And she has already shown that she's willing to use unethical and/or "extra-legal" means to do that.

While she'll tell herself that she's doing it for the good of her party...nay, the good of the country, she will be in a never-ending fundraising mode just as she was in the 1990's. It will be nothing more than greed and lust for power, but she will justify it to herself. And, again, we've seen what lengths she and her cronies are willing to go to for a few dollars more.

To make a long story short, if she is elected President, the first Clinton Presidency is probably going to look tame compared to hers. Hillary's arrogance, paranoia, greed and hatred will drive her to do things that will result in an unending series of scandals that the Right will be only too happy to go after her for.

As opposed to the Left's caterwauling about President Bush's supposed "illegal" activities, Hillary Clinton's activities truly will be illegal. You can bet on it. It's who she is. To her and her Communist cronies, "the end justifies the means", which is nothing more than a different way of saying that "we are above the law".

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