Sunday, August 19, 2007

She's Like, You Know, Smart!

For almost ten years now, the Left has delighted in disparaging George Bush for his inarticulateness. But what about Hillary?

Granted, she may be marginally more articulate than Cindy Sheehan but they both sound like old Valley Girls.

A couple of weeks back, Amanda Carpenter had a column over at that transcribed the speech that Hillary gave to one of the "breakout sessions" at YearlyKos. By my count, she used the phrase, "you know" 43 times in what may have been a half-hour speech.

Here's a sampling:

So, therefore, you know, having people who share our overall goals even if we disagree on tactics or strategy, but understanding where we are trying to take our country is really helpful because then it’s not just one voice or a couple of voices, it’s millions of voices -- and you know I doubt you know that we can’t go back and rewrite history certainly, you know (ouch! -ed.), -- but I think about what if we had the blogosphere in ‘93, ‘94 when I was working on healthcare and you know being hammered and they were raising $300 million dollars and distorting everything we were trying to do and we made our own mistakes but a lot of it was you know, trying to do something that was worth doing which we will get done when I am President finally.

Did I mention the flawless grammar?

Yeah. She's, like, totally brilliant. And so, you know, well-spoken.

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