Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Ultimate Racism of the Left

For 150 years the Democrats did everything that they could to keep blacks in this country down. They were pro-slavery, pro-Jim Crow, pro-segregation…and then, suddenly, they turned on a dime and decided that blacks were “victims” that needed their help. And it was incredibly sudden as far as political trends go. Within about 5 years in the mid-sixties , the Left suddenly became the black man’s best friend and savior. Why?

In the 1960’s the Left decided that they could use the blacks in this country to help in their “revolution”. The way that they recruited blacks was to tell them that they were victims of racism and were being cheated by “whitey”.

Oddly, most of this planting of resentments actually came after the Civil Rights Act was passed. immediately after. Why, at the moment when the future of blacks in America looked so bright, would the Left discourage and alienate them? You see, the Left couldn’t risk giving the CRA time to work because it may actually pacify the blacks that they so desperately wanted as troops for the “revolution”. If the Left would have left blacks alone to become mainstream Americans, they would have lost millions of potential soldiers.

Does that sound cynical or, perhaps, conspiratorial? Perhaps. But consider the fact that radical Tom Hayden was calling the Black Panthers “America’s Vietcong”. Or that the Students for a Democratic Society called them the “vanguard of the revolution”. In other words, the blacks were going to be the ones in the streets being shot at when the “Revolution” finally started. The leaders of the Left, like the so-called “armchair generals” and “chickenhawks” whom they constantly mock, would manage the whole thing from a safe distance.

It’s also important to remember that the whole Leftist agenda was being stage-managed by the Soviet Union, where the treatment of blacks would make the so-called “repression” in America look like a day in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. The Soviet Union, in the form of their willing pawns who were the leaders of the Left and their uninformed, misfit followers, were willing to do anything to destroy America; and if that included using blacks as cannon-fodder, so much the better.

In they eyes of the Soviet/Leftist leaders, blacks were savage, uneducated and, most importantly, expendable. Any who survived the battles to bring about the “revolution” could be dealt with later. The Left has never had any use for blacks for anything other than political pawns.

It sounds almost silly talking about an armed revolution in America now, but forty years ago these people were dead serious. They glorified the slaughter that was the Russian Revolution which ushered in the Communists of the Soviet Union. They weren’t against the Vietnam war because so many people were being killed. They were against it because we were beating the Hell out of their Communist Comrades. Killing people wasn’t against their credo. 100 million dead victims of Communist regimes could tell you that…if they could still speak.

What most people don’t realize – and it’s not surprising when you consider that it’s never mentioned by the MSM – is that the Black Panthers, Rosa Parks, even Martin Luther King Jr. were all advocates of Communism. The Left conned them into believing that, under their glorious Socialist Utopia, all people would be equal.

They just forgot to mention that some people would be more equal than others.

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