Thursday, January 20, 2005

Can't we all get along?

Barbara Boxer calls Condoleeza Rice a liar.

Joe Biden calls her a liar and says that Donald Rumsfeld is incompetent.

There you have the perfect definition of what Democrats mean when they say that they want to get rid of the "incivility in politics".

They can say and do anything that they want to, but Republicans have to be nice to them in order for there to be civility in Washington. It's so childish.

I say it's time for us to take their example of "civility" and tell it like it is.

These people are nothing but cowards who will do whatever it takes to get re-elected.

It's no wonder that people say that "politicians are all the same". During campaigns, the time that most people are paying attention to politics, Republicans are running as Republicans and Democrats are running as, well, Republicans!

If it weren't for the "527's" like, you would have thought that John Kerry & George Bush were ideological brothers. Thanks to the fanaticism of Kerry's Leftist supporters you got to see the real face of today's Democrat party.

And (thank God for the internet) his opposition pointed out the many, many inconsistencies of what Kerry was saying with his actions of the past 30 years.

And therein lies the difference between elections past and future. Now there is an alternate media that will highlight those differences.

I believe that the internet (and FOX news) has destroyed the ability of Democrats to run as Republicans and govern as liberals. Their losses will just keep getting worse.

I got my first computer in 1994 at about the time that the web really got going. That was also about the time that Democrats started losing big. I don't think that that's a coincidence. For once the masses had an alternate view of reality from what ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. had been telling them for the past 30 years. *

And a lot of them, myself included, were absolutely disgusted by what we found. The newspapers and network news had been slanting their coverage for years. Walter Cronkite, "The Most Trusted Man in America", was lying to us! If the most trusted man in America was lying to us, then who in the media could we trust? Is it any wonder that news people are trusted on about the same level as lawyers and used-car-salesmen?

Well, we compared what we knew with what we were being told (and what we weren't being told) and decided that certain media outlets gave us more of the truth than the "Mainstream Media"., and many, many others were telling us things that we never would have know had we listened to nothing but The StarTribune or CBS News.

And not nearly enough can be said about talk-radio. It took about 6 years for people to realize that Rush Limbaugh was giving the country what it really wanted: a source for news and commentary that was completely missing from what everyone saw on TV, read in the newspapers or had shoved down their throats by the politicians that the MSM decided deserved to be heard.

I remember in the early days of Rush's show, the first thing that most of his callers said was, "You are saying what I have been thinking for years!". In other words, Rush was enunciating what a whole lot of people were thinking: the "News" didn't match what they saw happening in their own lives.

The "homeless" people that they ran into weren't a family of four living in a station-wagon. They were bums. The religious people that they knew weren't a bunch of fanatics. They were very nice people. AIDS wasn't killing the heterosexuals that they knew, just the gays or the drug addicts.

You could go on forever with what the MSM was telling you vs. what your own experience was. In other words what the MSM was telling you was, "Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?"

For you "Democrats" out there, just look around you. Welfare reform was supposed to leave kids dying in the streets. Did it? AIDS was going to wipe out heterosexuals along with homosexuals. Did it? "Concealed carry/Shall issue" gun laws would lead to America being one big O.K. corral. Did they? Medicare cuts were supposed to force our senior citizens into eating dog-food. Did they?

In other words, nothing that the Democrat party has said to try to scare the hell out of you has come true, has it? Did Ronald Reagan nuke the Soviet Union? Did they nuke us because of his "inflammatory" statements? Did all of these so-called "cuts" in social programs made by Republicans actually result in a lowering of funds to Democrat social programs?

Again, you could go on forever. Nothing that Democrats ever propose fixes the problem. Never! Ever!

To paraphrase Ann Coulter (and they say that Republicans don't like strong women), Vietnam worked out better than Lyndon Johnson's "War on Poverty". In that context, the War in Iraq is a downright miracle.

*This was also about the time that FOX news began to really ramp up.

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