Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Welcome fellow exiles.

If you're like me, and I know I am, you too believe that Hillary Clinton stands for everything that is bad in politics today.

The only other people that come close to her history of self-interested actions are Teddy (hic) Kennedy and Tommy (I want to be a little girl) Daschle.

One down one to go. Liver failure or cholesterol should take care of the last.

I don't intend this blog to be a log of Hillary's actions, but rather a discussion of Democrats and liberals and they're motivations.

Not all Democrats are liberals. Most of the ones who aren't liberals just haven't realized that, by default, they've become Republicans.

For example:

Every year in November, like the majority of guys in Minnesota, I go deer hunting "up north".

(Coincidently, it happens to be about 20 miles from where Senator Paul Wellstone's plane crashed. Apparently nobody told him that you couldn't fly without a "right wing".)

Now, "up north" in this case, happens to be on the "Iron Range" of Minnesota where they've mined iron ore for about 150 years. They've also voted Democrat for about that long. They've also been in a recession for about 25 years. Some people might see a connection there.

The guys that I hunt with appear to be everything that the "blue state" elites describe as being "red state" people.

They are everything that the liberals and Democrats hate.

They own guns.

They are tramping around in "Mother Earth's" pristine forests.

They drove SUV's and huge pickups to get into these forests.

They drive their "4-wheeler" ATV's in Mother Earth's forests.

They kill poor, defenseless animals and eat them.

A few of them have gun-racks in their trucks.

Some of them have poor dental work.

In other words, these are the same people who are being disparaged by the liberals in the media as being the "gap-toothed, knuckle dragging red-staters".

Here's the problem: of about 20 guys, 19 VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!

These people are really not paying attention to what their party is doing. The get their news from the local liberal newspapers and TV stations. When you confront them with the other side of the story, they have no arguments because they've never heard the other side. They weren't even aware that there was another side.

The funny thing is, all you have to do is show them the other side of the story that they're not getting from the Mainstream Media.

I've converted a few people. Now it's time for you to do the same. If every Republican out there can point out the Democrat hypocrisy to at least one person, we've won forever.

Of course that will bring in the reign of the jack-booted, fascist, nazi Bushies, but hey, it's a start.

- The Exile

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