Saturday, January 22, 2005

Moore hypocrisy

The man who made a mostly fictional documentary to tell people that guns are evil, is apparently not adverse to using them to protect himself.

It's typical liberal hypocrisy: you're too stupid to have firearms around, but I'm smart enough to handle the situation.

Guns are only evil when they're in the hands of the unwashed masses. Come to think of it, Michael Moore is an unwashed mass.

I wonder if his bodyguard had that gun while Michael Moore was sitting next to former President Jimmy Carter at the DNC.

It's the same thing that happened to poor, little (OK, not so little) Rosie O'Donnell. She railed against guns, but apparently wasn't concerned that her own bodyguards carried guns.

Her message, too, was clear: I hate guns, but I'm more important than you are. It would be awful if I weren't able to protect myself. It's no big deal if you're not able to protect yourself.

It's hypocritical, but it also shows just exactly what liberals think of you. And I'm not just talking about Republicans. They believe the same thing of the Democrats who keep them in their luxurious lifestyles.

They made it big. If you didn't, you must be a moron.

The truly frightening thing is, that these people did make it big. Obviously, in Hollywood, what you believe is more important than whether or not you have actual talent.

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