Friday, January 14, 2005

Me Tarzan, you Supermom

Today's subject: the arrogance of the left.

I'm sure you've heard people on the left call Conservatives "arrogant". They say this because we actuallly believe the things we say and don't just say things to gain votes, popularity, etc. In other words, we have principles that we believe in. Their only principle is "Power at any cost".

Well, how's this for arrogance? The left wants to overcome and change about 1 million years of evolution in their puny lifetimes!

Some examples:

For tens of thousands of years, the man went out and worked while the woman stayed home and took care of the home and the children. It worked out pretty well.

Now most women work outside the home. All you have to do is compare the kids of today with the kids of any time before the sixties to see how well that worked out. With no parent at home to raise them, drugs, sex and other assorted anti-social behavior exploded.

That's because lefties think that women are no different than men. For thousands and thousands of years, everyone understood that men were physically and mentally different than women. Liberals think that they can overcome that in the 50 or so productive years of their lives.

And ever since society really got going, people understood that marriage between a man and a woman was the best thing for that society. Especially when it came to raising kids. Now, the left thinks that gay marriage is perfectly acceptable.

And, with deference to the title of this blog, for the vast, vast majority of our evolution, a child's parents were responsible for taking care of him or her. Now, left-wing nuts think that it "Takes a Village". Well here's a newsflash: the other people in my "village" don't have my child's best interests in mind. I'll raise her by myself, thank you.

Ever since humans began walking upright, the man was the more aggressive of the two. It was bred into him so that he had the skills and the temperament to hunt and keep the tribe from starving. It was a good thing. Now, if a little boy shows any sign of that aggression, he's punished and put on drugs. Only a liberal would think that putting a kid on drugs would fix the problem!

It's just like their love of throwing other people's money at problems: it might alleviate the symptoms, but it won't fix the problem. And aggressive little boys are not a problem. It's been going on for a million years and it'll be going on for long after these uninformed, unthinking people are dust.

War's have been going on since one monkey threw a rock at another. Now the left thinks that they can stop them from ever happening again. At least the few that America gets involved in. The other ones they don't seem to care about.

Religion, scientific and industrial progress...I'm sure you can think of many more examples.

They may actually come to achieve, at least on paper, some of their objectives, but human nature will take a lot longer to change than they will live.

Yes, they got most women to work outside of the house, but look at what it did for us. The divorce rate has skyrocketed and kids are on the streets killing each other. They, of course, blame it on "society". Well, the fact is, that that society is the one that they created!

How's that for arrogance?

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