Monday, October 20, 2014

Odd That Nobody - NOBODY - Is Mentioning This

In all of the coverage of the Kurds and their fight against the Islamic State, I find it odd that nobody - not even the more intelligent and well-respected commentators are mentioning one thing: The Kurds are Communists.

Their largest group is called the PKK, which stands for the Kurdistan Workers' Party. A name that Lenin himself would have approved of. Although they have been "evolving" recently, it's much like the "Liberals" evolving into the "Progressives": The name has changed, but not the philosophy.

The KDP - or Kurdistan Democratic Party - was created/backed by the Soviet Union against the monarchs of Iraq and Iran in the 1940's. Notice the use of the word, "Democratic". Virtually all political organizations with the word "Democrat" in them are Communist (including here in America). The KDP is no exception.

There are other, smaller, offshoots, but those are the main players.

So why haven't I heard, even once, from any commentator - Conservative or otherwise - that we are allying with Communists? I find that very strange.

It seems as if Conservative leaders believe that our support of the Kurds will diminish if they let it be known who the Kurds really are. That's kind of disturbing.

Usually the Conservative leadership has more faith in their ideological brethren. Purposely omitting the fact that the Kurds are Communists seems like something that the Democrats would pull on their low-information voters because, as we all know, Democrat leaders have no faith in the intelligence of their voters. And rightly so, in their case. But Conservatives are more well-informed, intelligent and realistic than the fools who vote Democrat. We can handle the truth.

Are we right to ally with the Kurds against IS? Probably. The enemy of my enemy and all that.

But I can't help but think that we are arming another Mideast group to fight our proxy war who will, in time, turn around and attack us. We've seen that scenario play out too many times in the Middle East.Why would this be any different?

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