Monday, September 22, 2014

Blame Me...Everybody Does

My guess for the 2014 midterm Senate elections? Republicans will gain a few seats, but not enough to take the Senate.

And, after the "Republican wave" turns out to be a ripple, guess who the GOP Establishment (GOPE) is going to blame. That's right: Conservatives.

How do I know this? Easy: because that's what Democrats will/would do.

Just like the Democrat clones that they've become, the GOPE never, ever takes blame for anything that goes wrong. Like the cowardly Democrats, it's always someone else's fault. And, like the Democrats, the GOPE blames everything on Conservatives.

And you know what? They may, for once, be right. My Senators and state are beyond hope. There's a slim-to-none chance that Al Franken will be voted out of office by the know-nothing people in MN.

However, I will not vote for my Representative*, Erik Paulsen, either. He just keeps his head down and does what John Boehner tells him to do.

And, if we had a Senator here in Minnesota who was a RINO, I wouldn't vote for him/her, either. And I'd bet that there are millions of Conservatives like me who are so sick of the insults ("knuckleheads", "whacko-birds") and threats to "crush" us, not to mention their Democrat-like tactics (Remember Mississippi!), that we'll write in "Ronald Reagan" and "Sarah Palin" or - better yet - "Thad Cochran"" when it comes time to fill out the ballot.

So go ahead, Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell: blame me when this election doesn't live up to the hype. I may or may not be truly to blame - after all, you morons are amazingly good at screwing up elections - but I will wear it as a badge of honor that I didn't stand with you and your slow-track Socialist agenda.

*Sadly, Michele Bachmann was once my Rep, before they redrew the districts. I was proud to vote for her.

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