Thursday, November 06, 2014

Insane or Stupid*? The Eternal Question

To be a Leftist, you have to believe that Conservatives:

  • Hate their wives, sisters, daughters, mothers and any female friends that they have.
  • Hate every non-heterosexual person that they've ever met.
  • Hate every non-white person that they've ever met.

Do they really believe these things? I have to believe that the vast majority of them do. After the hundreds of "debates" that I've gotten into with them, I can believe no different.

How is it that they can see people like me and still believe these things?

My daughter is my life. I brag about her constantly. Anyone who knows me knows that I love her more than life itself. I love my mother and my sisters. Hell, I even get along with my ex-wife.

But I hate women.

I have gay friends. Not the kind who are purposefully flamboyant and constantly reminding you that they're gay. Anyone who defines their entire lives by who they want to rub their genitals against has mental issues, and I choose not to associate with them. But the percentage of my friends who are gay is probably about the same as that of the general population.

But I hate gays.

I have black friends. I have hispanic friends, I have asian friends. In addition, I work with "people of color" (nice pigeonholing, Lefties!), and I get along with them every bit as well as I get along with my white friends and co-workers.

But I'm a racist.

How can Leftists look at my life and those like me, know our political views, and still believe that we're sexist, homophobic racists?

The only two explanations are that they're insane or stupid*. They are, somehow, able to hold two diametrically opposed thoughts in their heads, and believe both of them**!

When you think that half of the country is in this mental state, you should be very, very afraid - and plan accordingly.

*You could argue that there is a third possibility: uninformed/ignorant, but that equates with "stupid" in my book.

**Orwell described it perfectly as "Doublethink". But that was, supposedly, a work of fiction. It's frightening how close we are to the reality. of 1984.

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  1. Many Leftists are "true believers." That's why we can't convince them of anything relating to conservatives' good characters.

    How did we get so many Leftists living among us? The public school system! It has become a perversion.

    I know because I don't teach in the public school system. However, many of my students started their "education" in the public school system. They can't think! Seriously. It's maddening because these children are bright. I'm exhausted by the end of the day, I tell ya.